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Question aobut wanting to be a DJ?

Im 18 years old and i wanna learn real bad how to become a DJ. everytime i see DJ's doing there shyt at clubs im always wondering how they learned how to do all that badass shyt on tha turn tables n shyt like that. do u gota go to college for that or is there a certain course u take or what? i really really wana learn. i enjoy that type of shyt. if anyone no's anything they can tell me i would appriciate it a lot. learning how to spin and do all that crazy shyt is sumthing i realy want to no how to do.

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    Ok. First of all, in contradiction to what others have said here, do not go out and buy a pair of 1210s at first. There ridiculously expensive for a beginer and why would you want to spend all that when you havent even tried DJing yet.

    Decide whether you want to go with vinyl (which I would recomend) which is more expensive or mp3, cd etc. Then get yourself some starter decks and a mixer or cdj's, mp3j's etc.

    The hardest thing to learn in DJing is beat matching but once you have that practice will bring the rest. Most or all of those Dj's you mentioned just started out as a bedroom DJ and took it from there. You don't need a course, I didn't myself, I'm sure there are some out there though. There is a really helpfull guy who posts videos on youtube called ellaskins :

    I was in your position when I started, luckilly I had freinds who had decks so I could give it a try before I got myself a pair. It's dead fun, well worth it and who knows you could make a bit of money out of it in the future.


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    nah, no college for djing unless your rockin a party.every dj learn by hard knocks. get a pair of technic 1200 or 1210's, a mixer,headunit, speakers, superduckbreak scratch records and crates upon crates of vinyl. get some dj qbert dvds on how to scratch and mix. it will be long process to be dope, or to even blend 2 records. if u got love for it, it will be no problem. the essence of djing is to rock a party and to keep the music flowing. do not, i repeat, DO NOT BE A SUCKA DJ! learn how to count beats and know whether if 1 record is faster/slower than the other as well. you will encounter trainwrecks (trying to mix 2 records with 2 unmatched beats) they will sound horrible. and so will you...but not for long.PRACTICE!

    Source(s): check out dj Qbert, old invibl skratch pickl footage, the x-ecutioners, beatjunkies and things about turntablism....your welcome
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    There are Music Colleges that You can go to! How are You wanting to peruse it? What is your preferred style of Music? Are You more into Analog or digital equipment!?

    If You have ANY questions; just ask Me. I can help You Man!

    You can make A LOT of money being a DJ; Practice Practice and Practice!

    Source(s): My experience as a DJ!
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    U can go to college but it is cheaper to get fruityloops on ur cpu and play with it till your skills increase.

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