Tattoos, Piercings and Scar Tissue?

I few months ago I had surprise major G.I. surgery. Long story short, I now have a scar from just above my belly button, around one side and down to about 6 inches or more down. To compliment, I also have a horizontal scar between that and my right hip, basically the same cut as for appendix removal.

I really want to get something done in this area to sort of take it back and make it 'mine' and 'beautiful' again, since my stomach was always a favorite part of my body. However I'm really unsure of my options, if any at all due to the scar tissue itself.

How close can you tattoo to scar tissue, or can you tattoo over it?

Also, any creative input would be welcome...

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    1 decade ago
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    I had abdominal surgery and got a tattoo right over the scar.

    But it depends on how you heal. My scars always fade to white and lay flat. If you tend to get keloids or other problems with healing, the artist may not be willing to irritate it by tattooing over it.

    Also, you want to wait a good long bit before you do it. I let my scar heal for over a year. You want to let it settle so the tattoo will stay as intact as possible. Even if it's well healed, ink doesn't tend to hold in scar tissue as easily, and you may need to get it touched up once or twice before it holds.

    The best thing to do it talk to a tattoo artist! Let them take a look and tell you what your options are.

    I have to say that I got back a lot of the self-esteem I lost when I tattooed over that scar. My scar wasn't that big, and wasn't disfiguring, but I felt like a piece of my power over myself had been taken away when I had surgery (my operation was somewhat short notice too). My scar was a constant reminder of that. Covering it with something beautiful and meaningful made a world of difference for me, and I hope it will for you too. :)

  • Angel
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    1 decade ago

    hmm I don't know about 2 scars

    But for my mom whos 57 nearly 58 (I'm 19)

    She has a vertical scar from under her sternum down to her belly button, and since they've had to open that up soo many times for similar and different reasons, I told her that the doctors should just install a zipper where the incision is always made.

    Soo after talking to her and convincing her I got her down to a tattoo place and paid for her to get a zipper tattoo done it even has a pull tab and an end... it's super cute and she's gotten nothing but compliments from doctors, nurses and surgeons alike.

    and it's done on top entirely of a scar line, so yes you can

  • 4 years ago

    If its a major scar, there are special techniques tattoo artists use to tattoo the area. I've heard that certain artists specialize in that sort of technique.

  • J.D.
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    1 decade ago

    any kind of vines would be good. u can add lady bugs,butterflies birds, flowers etc. if u have many scars its easy to add more to it as years go by. u can tattoo over scars it just needs a touch up. iv tattooed over scars many times-no problems. go to (pictures of butterfly tattoos) ull see 3 pictures on i think the first 2 sights-click on that-theres a girl with a vine design on her leg with butterflies n sparkles-thats a idea in a pic.

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  • 1 decade ago

    my chest tattoo covers my scars from a childhood surgery, So yes you definately can tattoo over scars. My scars were raised and Im black so yeh its possible haha. Mine is a big eagle/griffin type creature with spread wings Its awesome. Sounds like you need something with vines or twist and spirals, maybe a rose vine or a trail of little angels i dunno

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    1 decade ago

    This website should be helpful to you, and congrats on pulling through with your surgery!

    I don't have any creative input though, I'm sorry!

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