I don't feel very pregnant?

I took two pregnancy tests after I was a week late. according to the people that count your pregnancy from day one of you last period, I'm appx. 5 weeks. ( though I don't think it's that long because my husband wasn't home for like two weeks before this could have happened. he's in the army) I don't need to pee any more than I used to. I'm just always thirsty. I haven't experienced 'implantation bleeding'. and all I feel is breast tenderness and crazy cramps that can come in some pretty bad waves. is there anything else I should look for? help I'm confused.

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    You aren't going to always feel like you have to pee or get implantation bleeding. Not all women get those symptoms. I would just wait a little longer then take a hpt at your next mixed period. Just relax and go on with life. Except avoid alcohol or anything that could harm baby in case you are pregnant. Sense hubby was home at a certain time conception will be easier to pin down.

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    You're fine. :) relax. If you weren't tracking ovualtion or know your ovulation cycle, dont' trust what online calculators say. They just give a cookie cutter estimate. You could've ovulated right after or further after your period. And honestly no docot cares about that. They only count from the last day of the period. Before you've even conceived (ok once you end up pregnant) the week after your period is considered week 1 of pregnancy, even though technically.. you aren't pregnant. Yeah, they way they do it is crazy to me too.

    Have you made an appointment with the doc yet?

    Implantion bleeding actually rarely happens. It's not as common as the web makes it out to be. Everyone I know has two or more kids and no one, not even myself has ever had "implantion" bleeding. And not every experience all symptoms at once. Some people only get a few the whole pregnancy, some get none, some get them all, and some get them in waves. Everyone is different.

    So you're good. The doc should see you in a few weeks. They usually like to wait 8 weeks from LMP. If problems arise before then go to the hospital.

    oh and congrats

    oh and devil.. you're pregnant. Take a test, and it'll show you.

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    Nope thats normal, i only had cramps and sore breasts too at that stage and the urge to pee. Once i hit 8 weeks i got morning sickness but that only lasted 2 weeks.

    They say the first trimester is the worst but it wasnt for me. Now i am 26 weeks and i am finding it really hard to cope, i have swollen legs and feet, feel sick on and off but it is worse than what my morning sickness was, i am huge cause the baby is big and i have stretch marks everywhere.

    At first i thought i was going to have an easy pregnancy cause the first trimester was so smoothe compared to what people have told me and i too didnt feel very pregnant, but give it time and you will soon be wishing that you were feeling that way again, trust me i do!!

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    some people don't have any symptoms at all. the reason why people count from their last period is because they don't know when they conceived. so you might not be as far along as you think. if the test is positive then you are.

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    dont feel bad...i sex wit some1 durin the ovulation time which was June 6 (then we broke up)...July 25 i had a light period 1 half day that screwed up on me and then i havent had a period since then. My friend is concern so i was on here askin fo advice. i have been eatin alot n mom will ask me if im gettin my pd but i never do. my boss asked if i was gainin weight...i gain weight in my stomach n thighs.......i been cravin reese pass 2 weeks n then i buy them then dont want them....i was at work other day n i got cramps as i was gettin a pd but they faded away but i never got my pd, i been drinkin alot of juices, not much on soda like i was, im gasy, nausea, more headaches lol, i DONT have vomiting, bathroom all time or breast soreness like peoples should, at work i kept smellin rosted peanut butter n i work in dog groom shop lolz, i was sittin here n it felt like bubbles in stomach....so pass few days is the same, but i feel like bubble feelin center my tummy dunno if gas or what...pass few nights i been tossin and turning and cant sleep...i wake up in middle the night or 6 in the morning and my stomach feels awful for a few minutes then i am fine...i been eating alot and weird things and my mom looks at me like dam you on a seafood diet (see food and eat it), today i woke up 6 same way only i wanted pizza lol but i ate cereal instead...it never occured to me that i could be pregnant i guess i didnt want to think about it but my friend brought it up so im in the verse of dont know what to do or think

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