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your "best friend" goes out with your ex and deliberately hides it from you. What would you say/do..

(given you have no problems with it whatsoever, just that it was deliberately a secret from you)

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    That wouldn't be a true friend ..they should have "RESPECTED" more as a friend...its time to take a friend was deliberately done to you and it was a secret ..makes you wonder what other things that may have been keep from you ..Good luck to you

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    Well Your best friend went about it wrong and should have just discussed it with you and if you were open to it there shouldnt have been a problem but chose to hide it from you and that kinda makes you not wanna trust them right?

    well You should probably try and talk about it with your friend and see their reason behind hiding it from you and you dont wanna lose a best friend over a bf/gf do you ?

    Well if they are really your best friend yall should be able to sort things out and just dont let the relationship bother you.My best friend hid it from me before when she went out with my ex but i was kinda still in love so BIG difference.

    Hope that everything works out for the best.....

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    Well first, I'd slap her for being so stupid. She had to know what a creap he was, lol.

    Seriously, I wouldn't care about the 'going out' part. I'd be more upset about her hiding it. I'd just talk to her and tell her it upset you that she hid it so she knows how you feel. Then wish her the best and be supportive.

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    i'd probably ask her right out why she had to hide something like that from you if you guys are friends. maybe she was worried what you'd say about her going out with him, i mean i think i'd be a little bit thrown off if my friend decided to go out with my ex.

    Source(s): my friend...cause i dont have an ex :)
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    l guess she just feels a bit guilty knowing that you were once in a relationship.If she is your best friend do not be to hard on her.Sometimes a person just clicks with somebody.Tell her its ok and she has her own life to lead.Stay good friends.

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    considering its my ex wish them the best just because it didn't work for you it might be her soul mate dont stand in the way of true happiness

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    i would just laugh at her because shes kissing your left overs...

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    shes is not a "best" friend. shes a backstabber.

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