Are there companies that will come to your home and drill a hole in your existing granite counter top?

I need a 1 1/4 hole drilled thru a granite top 1 1/2 inches thick to install an air switch to the garbage disposal unit.

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    If you do drill it yourself, as suggested in a previous answer, an easy way to keep the bit wet is to form a small dam (in a circle) around the area to be drilled with plumbers putty (~ 1/4 inch high) and put some water in the enclosure. That way you can concentrate just on drilling slowly and evenly.

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    All the answers are pretty correct below.

    If you want to get it done

    Marble shops are a good place to find such a person, either they will lend you one of their employees or a refer an installer who is willing to do it. You shouldn’t pay more than 150$.

    If you want to do it

    A drill I will presume you have and you will need a bit that is now sold in hardware stores like Home depot. It is a continuise diamond bit which comes in 3 sizes to accommodate a hot water tap, soap dispenser hole, or faucet hole. OR 1/2 , 1 and 1 1/2 inch hole. Because the diamonds on it are electroplated on the edge of the bit and continuous (looks like when take a glass wet the rim and dip it in sugar) It wont skip and very easy to handle.

    Use putty or even masking tape to surround the area you are about to drill 2inch x 2inch is fine. This will keep the water. Mark the area where you have to drill your hole and dry, place the drill bit at a slight angle just to make a groove along the mark where you will be drilling. This will be your starting point. Now fill the are with water and place the bit in the groove you just indented. Start drilling, you should be starting on a slight slant (few millimeters up on one side) then straighten out before you go to deep and then go all the way down through, stopping if there’s is wood under. This but will go through rock but now wood.

    And yes once you know how it’s done it really is 5min to drill, 30 min procedure prep and clean up. If you’re in Montreal call me

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    Try granite installers in your area. Usually found working with cabinet/counter installation. Some of these companies also do work with monuments and gravestones.

    Even if the "company" doesnt want to make a service run... you might be able to get one of the installers to do it off hours.

    Good Luck

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    Yes, there are. Look for a company that installs granite counter tops. It requires special equipment and practice to do this without cracking or chipping your granite surface.

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    If you feel comfortable doing it yourself, rental companies carry the diamond coring bits and drills. Stay steady, slowly put water onto it to keep it cool, not that hard with a steady hand and some determination.

    Takes about 5 minutes.

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