I'd like the advice of both boys and girls. i like a girl, but she's out of my league, but i want to go for it

first day of high school, and its the last period of the day. i sit down in my chair and right next to me sits this beautiful girl. i'm thinking, by the way she looks, she's probably a popular kid who wouldn't even think about going out with me. but over the next few weeks, i start to figure out that she's not one of those mean popular girls. she's nice to me, but i'm really shy. i know she's out of my league, because of the people she hangs out with, and i don't even know if she's got a boyfriend. i'm just one of those kids who would screw up on a date, or would be so shy that it would be awkward. i just need some advice. i really like her.

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    you should take a chance <3

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    Damn boy.

    That was cute :)

    I know there are 2 things that scare you:

    1. If you ask her out and she says no, then you not sure that she'll treat you the same way she used to do.

    2. You afraid of rejection.

    You'll never know if you don't try. Go for it. Ask her if she likes you as a friend. If she says yes then ask if she likes you more than a friend, if she says yes then hooray if not, then just tell her that you feel the same way too.

    If you can't get her, then be her friend. As time passes, she'll got to notice you. Or you can wait until she notice you but it's a long-term goal though.

    Good luck!

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    Ok first of all forget the term out of my legue right now. That doesn't apply to who likes whom and all that bullshit. People like whatever they see in a person, the way they loo and the way they are and the way they talk.

    I used to feel that way too and one day my therepist told me there aren't any leagues... Dating isn't baseball. You are probably normal looking enough and have something interesting enough about you that this girl or any girl you like for that matter may like you at some point.

    Because I was pretty akward and shy in highschool much like you and stuff I just acted opposite of what I felt. Being shy is just a hoop I jumped through many a time till I got to where I am now... over my shyness. I am just a really open person.

    The thing I think about stuff like this is how you approach someone and how you behaive can effect how someone percieves you. If you feel shy for instance and you hunch your shoulders and look down when people are talking to you cause you feel weird about it(like I have in the past) then people will notice. The body langauge people do most people notice but not in a way that is apparent can effect how people percieve you. I now stand tall and proud of who I am what I feel and think. And it's ok if no one likes you for a while because it's like they say... fish in the sea.. you'll get your girl eventually a girl. some girls....

    I started getting noticed like that after I became ok with myself and started carrying my body differently. I look at people when they talk to me. I don't hunch my shoulders. There are people out there that are shy and awkward and they tend to gravitate towards each other because of their similarties. This girl however popular she may sound may already like you. May already be thinking about you and what you may be thinking. I had something like this when I was in 8th grade. I liked a boy he liked me. We were both kinda shy and we never told each other any of those feelings. I am still friends with this person and I think why didn't I have that ... I can't have it now cause my feelings have changed but if I had had that maybe lots of things would have been different if I had just taken some kind of chance with him......or he had with me.

    The people you hang out with don't automatically dictate who or what you are like. Social circles are nothing but people we gravitate towards and if someting outside of it interests you it won't mean automatically that it won't work out that you can be friends or be in a relationship or anything like that

    I think you should just talk to this girl. That is the best way to find out if she is dating. What she is like. If she likes you she will talk to you and you can just get to know one another. That's what I call stir the pot.

    And all I can say is go for it. Don't let some dumb ideas(sorry if that is offensive) about social **** be the judge of who you like what you can achieve or any bull like that.

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    if she is nice with u then u go and talk to her . before going to colledge just buy a rose and when see if she is free then give to her if she is not then before the class start give her and tell her u want to become friends .two or three days after say her by sitting on your knees and say "would u go for date with me "if she likes u she will say ok remember if u are shy u cannot be her boyfriend and well wishes from me

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    If you never try, you'll never know. Sometimes the super-attractive girls are the most lonely. Other guys feel the same as you do, and are too intimidated to ask her out. Start out friendly, smile, ask her about herself and don't try too hard to impress her. Never assume she's out of your league. Women think differently than men.

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    You need something catchy like. Hey... I saw you the other day in Geometry and I gotta tell ya... you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. If you can say this with confidence and act dead serious, you sealed the deal.

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    In my opinion, i think you should go for it. Try to find out if she has a boyfriend and if not def. try to get to know her and maybe ask her out. You said you were really shy so in this situation if ur gonna ask her out you have to just do it. It might be out of your comfort zone, but it might all be worth it in the end. good luck ;)

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    Chicks dig confidence. Everyone feels like an awkward doofus. Just go beyond that. Don't let it hold you back.

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    GO FOR IT :| dont hold back cus ur jus guna regret it. Obviously dont go and tell her you like her right away. Just mke simple conversation. ex) about a movie, your weekend. . those kinda things! She'll like you cus ur not goin 4 her looks, but her personality:)

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    just play things cool with her. are you talking to her? if you already are, keep talking to her. but dont get too emotionally involved with her, just in case. if anything you can build a fantastic friendship with her, if she does end up having a boyfriend.

    and trust me, having girls as friends can be very valuable.

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