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what type of device would i need to send video recording from a VCR over the air??

im working on a anti theft car system and for it to work, i need what ever is recorded or is recording to be transmitted over the air from the VCR whcih will be in the stolen car to a display which the police will have to see who is in the car and where the car is. of course this is for long distances but what do i need to be able to get it to work??

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    A license from the FCC. While certain low-power transmitters don't require a license, their range is limited to about a tenth of a mile. And even though a license isn't required, FCC regulations are still extremely stringent in governing what you can and can't do.

    The other problem you'd have is that a VCR has moving parts which would wear down a battery very fast, even large car batteries. Additionally, transmitter power would wear down the battery even faster than the VCR.

    And lastly, who will pay the cop to sit and watch the monitor for YOUR car?

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    Among the choices you might consider are solid state storage of time lapse picture for playing later, slow scan TV as Ham Radio does it,

    I hope you know that the police are already using bait cars which use GPS and remote kill switches with builtin video to record the faces of occupants of the car. The system notifies the police (not sending images) when the car is moved and the theft squad uses the GPS info to find the car and kill it to arrest the people inside.

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