I saw a ad on craigslist for a modeling job should i go check it out how likely is it that i will be murdered

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    1 decade ago
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    It could be a real job, but I would definately caution you to be careful. The chance that is going to get you murdered is probably really low but still use caution and good judgement. Call the person or email and see if you get any negative feelings about it. If so stop right there. Otherwise see if they have a business name and google it see if there is any info that way. Or ask if you can contact someone who has worked with them before and see what that person says. If everything checks out OK and you want to check out the job get them to meet you in public place first or take someone - like a guy friend- with you when you go to meet them. Just be really cautious and if you have a bad feeling trust it. It is better to be wary than to end up dead.

    Source(s): common sense and an overprotective mother
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    I don't think the legitimate modeling places use Craigslist as a forum for their hiring needs.

    If you felt that safe about it, you wouldn't be posting about your concerns here. I think you should go with your instinct.

    Here's a link on that describes the steps to become a model:


    Here's a link that describes the steps to finding a modeling agent:


    Here's the steps that describes how to join a modeling agency:


    and some other links on the steps to do to become a model:


    Good luck!

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    um!!!!!!!!!!!!! strange question, but I do not know the chances of you being murdered, but I do know that craiglist is a porn website.

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