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why doesnt baseball have a salary cap? so that this a-rod stuff dont keep on.?

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    Because baseball is basically a local sport.

    Football is a national sport...except for radio and local ad, licensing and in stadium sales, all the rest of the money is from TV and network radio contracts. That is league money, shared by the league equally.

    Since the largest income source, is league makes sense that that money is equally spread...and since that money is such a huge portion of a teams budget, and it's shared equally, having an equal salary cap makes perfect sense.

    In baseball, local revenue is king. All those TV games on Fox/Comcast/ and local the local radio the other local revenue make up a significantly larger portion of a teams budget.

    Since that local revenue stream is primarily based on the size of your market..Kansas City will never be able to make as much as the Yanks, Sox, LAD, LAAofA, Cubs.

    Now, it is unfair and illogical and to have KC and the Yanks share equally in a revenue stream...when the Yanks would contribute 90% of it...

    So because the wealth is distributed unequally, it would be tough to distribute the costs equally. The revenue sharing plans does a little of much of a can still go over...but you pay a penalty that is distributed to the 'poorer' teams.

    Lastly...the MLB players assoc. is as strong a union as there is...they would never,ever sit for a hard cap...they'd strike till Jesus returns before they agree to a hard cap. The NFL players assoc. however, is weak, and led by getting a hard cap by them was easier..

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    Baseball doesn't have a salary cap because the owners haven't agreed to demand one.

    Any price for talent is in the wallet of the purchaser. If George Steinbrenner wants to pay a quarter billion dollars to Alex Rodriquez, it's because George Steinbrenner thinks he's getting a bargain. There's nothing wrong with that.

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    The Indians in simple terms signed Astrubal Cabrera and Carlos Santana to extensions... and that i think of they reached some form of manage Ubaldo Jiminez, too. i do no longer understand why you're complaining approximately Cleveland for. in fact that baseball tried to enforce a revenue cap. They did it lower back in 1994. How did that finally end up for baseball? no longer properly. the MLBPA went on strike, and Baseball suffered mightily for the subsequent decade. in fact that a revenue cap and aggressive stability do no longer inevitably circulate hand in hand. The MLB has incredibly had a larger point of parity for the previous decade than the NFL... and the NBA has in undemanding terms had 8 champions over the previous 35 years. The MLB's champions are customarily closer to the median revenue than the real. The Cardinals (two times), Giants, White Sox, Marlins and Angels all gained worldwide sequence with median to meager payrolls, and the Rangers (two times), Rays, Rockies, Astros and Giants gained league pennants with comparable payroll tiers. Over that 11 years span (2001-2011) in undemanding terms 5 communities have did no longer make the playoffs: Pirates, Orioles, Royals, Expos/Nationals and Blue Jays. pondering the reality that for the period of undemanding terms 4 communities make the playoffs, it is exceedingly spectacular.

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    baseball does have a salary cap.

    teams have to pay penalties for going over the limit but teams like the yankees can afford to pay them.

    p.s. a rod is a jerk wish he wouldve gotten other offers

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    Because baseball is a show and the Yankees are the main attraction.

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    Give Steve M best answer.

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    There is a luxury tax...the Yankees pay it every year...

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