I have no writing cridentials... how can I work around this to get published?

In the book proposal information I have, it says to list any credentials you have that proves you should be the one to write this particular book... I don't have any except a love of writing and to teach our children... what should I put in this section of the proposal?


it's my own book, but I have to prove to agents/publishers that I am qualified to do such. They want to know someone is qualified about what they are writing

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    Don't want to be mean here but your "written" question contains many grammatical and spelling mistakes. That's not going to convince anyone that you're the right one for the job of writing a book to teach children. What I mean to say is, however you decide to approach them make CERTAIN that your letter is double checked by people to ensure it's written perfectly. Remember that writing is a habit, not a switch. If you want to be a Writer then your writing should be impeccable no matter where it appears, whether proposal or Internet answers site. Good luck though, you have a nice enthusiasm - now speel cehck !

    Source(s): Worked for a publisher in my 20s...where my boss would immediately trash queries/proposals that contained errors.
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    If you have no credentials (no paid publications, no writing awards, no unpaid or copies-only publication) and no expertise that applies to this particular book or its readership, you skip that part in your proposal--and you ask yourself the hard question, whether you really are the right person to write this book which teaches children.

    I'm sorry to report that many people who think they can write a great children's book with an important message are mistaken.

    However, some can, and maybe you're the one. Perhaps if you want it badly enough, you'll work on getting some sort of applicable credentials, either as a writer or as someone with expertise or direct experience in the book's field.

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    There seems to be more to the story here...LOL>>NO PUN INTENDED!...Anyway...You say they ask you if you are the right person to write 'their' particular book? WHO are THEY..and WHAT is the book they want you to write? This work is for children?...Now with more info, maybe we could help you fill in the blank as needed. Good luck!

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    If you self publish, you could get around all of that.

    lulu.com is where a friend of mine published her book. Others in our writers' group are also using lulu.

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    You could put something like a self proclaimed expert..........

    vast real life experiences

    word plays like that

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