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Can someone enlighten me about this past boyfriend/girlfriend scenario?

I started dating this girl that I worked with a few years back. We went out for about a year. I visited her at college a number of times & she wrote letters to me in the mail & I'd write back. Anyway, there were about two or three times that we got pretty hot & heavy & when everything came off, I would always ask her first if she wanted to go through with it. I was still a virgin. She wasn't. Every time she said not really, I would just say, "Okay, Sarah," & get my stuff on & go to sleep or leave.

One of my friends that I used to play pool w/ every week came to me about a month after we broke up. He asked me if I cared if he was friends w/ her. I said I didn't. Then, he later told me that the first time they had ever talked, he ended up driving to her college & she gave him head and they ended up sleeping together. I was really mad at her cuz she wasn't even going out w/ him & she turned me down every time while we were going out. She never gave me head. Wtf was her issue??


By the way, it was a mutual breakup and we stayed friends after that. The next time I saw here after I heard about this encounter she had with my friend, I asked her why him and never me and why him when you weren't even going out and why not me when we were totally going out, and she just sat there all silent for a minute and just said, "I don't know what to say."

Update 2:

MiiMii, um, I wasn't all "tripping" as you call it over the fact that she didn't give me head. And the fact that we never had sex really didn't bother me until I heard that she did it with my friend who she wasn't even going out with and barely even knew. The only reason I mentioned her not giving me head is because she never gave me head and she did him. Not because that's all I cared about in the relationship. For gosh sakes, I went down on her like 7 times while we were going out and I never EXPECTED her to go down on me. I had gotten a bj before I ever went out with her and it just wasn't my thing. So, now you know, that the fact that I mentioned it had nothing to do with why I was pissed. I only mentioned it cuz she didn't do it to me for an entire year and she did it to my friend who she didn't even know.

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    so your mad cuz she didnt give u head? wow... ummm just get over it maybe she just didnt think u wer tha 1 to give it to her... idk... just GET OVER IT!! im sure some other chick will give u head ok so dont trip over this and move on .... best of luck 2 u...



    Response to ur latest info...

    look i apologize for any thing u took offensive but if u really didnt care about her not giving u a bj then y mention it?ummm all i can really say to u about ur ex is like i said before or what others have said .. i guess u jus werent what she wanted...i noe it sounds all f*cked up but honey its the truth and ima b proud of u when u do get over her and all the details of your past relationship if u need anyone im here...

    ~with love~


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    Wow i seriusly don't know what her issue was..But if she was slutty enough to have one night stand withouth knowing your friend as much as she knew you then i give you props for leaving her.

    Maybe she was horny needed pleasure, attracted to your friend or does not like Unexperienced guys who knows...Any guess is surely better then none. Maybe she likes the guy to make the move which means your friend could have lead her on....

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    Sounds to me she's not really somebody you'd even wanna be with anyway...

    she either liked your friend or was attracted to him and that's why she did it with him and not you

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