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transmission flush for my 2002 mitsubushi galant?

I was wondering if this car has a filter for the transmission .. the guy who did the flush said it did not ..

does anyone know ?

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    Mitsu phased out the external tranny filter a few years back, but yours may have it. If you look down next to the dipstick it's plainly visible, it looks like an upside down oil filter. If you don't have that one there is one inside the tranny itself, but it's only changed during a rebuild.

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    Integra form R has the best answer - never, ever, flush a Honda transmission. the owner's instruction manual show you how to to understand the drain and fill era (no filter out, the two). Many Honda followers drain and fill at 30K mile durations. continually use Honda ATF. Dexron will paintings and could no longer attack something even nevertheless that is going to shift harshly. The edge subject count approximately engine oil in Honda instruction manual transmissions is in part ideal. In Olden Days 30W motor oil exchange into in many situations substituted for the dearer Honda MTL. shifting exchange right into somewhat balkier even nevertheless it labored ok. interior the final decade or so motor oil API specifications have replaced from SL (which continues to be attainable and is usable interior the instruction manual transmissions) to SM and now SN, that have steadily much less ZDDP. employing SM or SN oil will chew up the kit faces and improve synchro placed on.

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    if you have the 2.4L straight-four, the car doesn't have one.

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    correct.....non filter

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