A pipe open at both ends has a fundamental?

A pipe open at both ends has a fundamental

frequency of 264 Hz when the temperature is

0 degrees C.

What is the length of the pipe? Answer in

units of m.

What is the fundamental frequency at a tem-

perature of 27 degrees C? Answer in units of Hz

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    An open pipe has a fundamental with a node in the center and two antinodes at the ends. This would make the wavelength twice the length of the pipe.

    At 0C the speed of sound is 1085 feet per second.

    1085 ft /sec / 264 cycles / sec = 4.11 feet is the wavelength The pipe is 2.055 feet.

    At 27C the speed of sound would be 1/10 higher the (1193)frequency would be 1/10 higher 290 cycles per second.

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    4 years ago

    f = c/(2L) c is the fee of sound in m/s, which varies with temperature. you % the values for 0 and 26 tiers from a table or diverse source. L=c/(2f) = c/(2*294c) = c/(588)m

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