i have tmobile and just extended my contract to 2 more years?

and my ? is i just got a new razr 3 days ago and im not happy with it and now that i extended my contract and it has been 3 days is it too late to take it back and get my money back and get a different phone? also any other suggestions of what i can do?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Most companies have a 30 day exchange policy. By most I mean ATT and Sprint.

    There is no question that T-Mobile should do it because they use Sim-Cards. When you exchange a phone, all you are doing is taking the sim-card out of your phone, and putting it a new one. The new phone assumes your account, and there is no switching in the T-Mobile "system." They send the phone back to their return center, no hassle. That is how it should be done. If the people give you a hard time, just explain that to them.

    Source(s): I work for RadioShack, ATT uses Sim-chips like T-Mobile, and that is how we swap phones for customers in the 30 days after their upgrade.
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