God created creatures SO STUPID that they will condemn themselves to Hell; what does that say about this god?

If the creation is a reflection of the creator, and so many of us are daft as doornails..... what does that say about this so-called god?


Why are people going on about "free will"? That isn't the issue here. I KNOW

Update 2:

Whoops, my fingers got ahead of me there, submitted the additional details before I was done. Anyhow...

I KNOW that "free will" factors into our decision. The point I'm making is that this god obviously made a whole lot of us to be SO STUPID that we use our free will to condemn ourselves. You can't tell me that you believe people who condemn themselves to hell are anything more than completely stupid.


We're dumber than dandelions. Doesn't that say something about our creator? Doesn't the fact that he created so many dumbies tell you something about "him"?

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    If God had done anything like what you suggest it would imply a nature that would be very strange indeed. However God created man in a perfect world and the nature of man is very different from what you describe in your question.

    The introduction of evil into the world by Satan changed everything except the loving nature of the creator. Sin caused the corruption and the fall of man then and continues to spoil man's relationship with God now.

    Anything that is good about you is God's reflection. Even in the most flawed human there is good, which is the true image of God.

    The power of truth is irresistible, and a lie is weak, if you are intellectually honest and look for the truth about the nature of God you will know God is Good.

    That means that you would read and study arguments on both sides of the issue and not be lazy and be a parrot for one point of view.

    Source(s): "The Wonder of the World" Varghese
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    The choose would not condemn all and sundry to penal complex. in the event that they did not do something incorrect then there could be not something to deliver them to penal complex for. people make their options and that they comprehend the effects for doing those movements. God or a choose isn't putting the guy in hell or reformatory, the guy who committed the movements understanding good and correctly the effects is condemning himself to hell or penal complex. A choose can fairly condemn a individual to reformatory in the event that they have been harmless yet God is all understanding and he would not make any errors like that. If the guy is responsible of against the regulation then they have condemned themselves to penal complex. The choose is following the guidelines that have been set in place merely like God. God informed us what's a condemnable offense and if we opt for to bypass against that then he's merely following the e book and rules he set in place.

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    Well, from what I understand, God gave us free will and if we choose to not accept him then he will not force us to live with him in eternity, because wouldn't that be an Athiest's version of heaven?

    I'm not a bible-thumper, I'm just as confused about relgion as the next person, but I've gone to 10 years of catholic school (against my will) so I know stuff, whether it's just some excuse the pope made for something contriditory or if it's really what was believed.

    Source(s): The Bible, The Pope, Forced years at a Catholic school
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    God is the Origin and Destination of the Universe and beyond life and death. All religions of world teach human way to get close to God. You give your Best, God will give thy Best. Ask God for help and forgive, God will help and forgive you. Pray; Worship and Thank God for everything. Remember wherever there is Happiness in Life, there will be Sorrow. To get Happiness, you must master Sorrow. For Success in Life; Believe in Self and God, Learn from Past, Concentrate in Present, Plan for Future. Have control on, be the master of, not the slave of your body, senses, and mind. Purpose of this Life is to Gain and Share utmost Knowledge and Experience to differentiate and choose Right, Good, God against Wrong, Bad, Devil. Set your Desire level perfect or OK to be brave, no low to be coward, no high to be cruel. You have rights of Survival, Self Defence, and Freedom.

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    I assume that you are speaking from bible quotes.

    Where is says god created us in his own image.

    image does not indicate identical.

    It also says that he does not force you to do anything he has allowed you free will. So you have the choice to believe or not to .

    I am by no means a bible thumper and I push my beliefs on no one.

    It would be ignorant for me to believe that man is the most intelligent and supreme being in the universe.

    ************** Addition -- Did he create dumb people or did people choose to not further any education. Are you telling me there is something in this world that you cannot accomplish if you put your mind to it? Can't you do anything you set your mind to after all look at George Bush he set his mind to it and look where he is and he is an idiot.



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    First of all, we are stupid because we were once perfect in the Garden of Eden, but when Adam and Eve let sin enter their lives, that is when our perfect state began to deteriorate. The fact that we are stupid doesn't mean that God is stupid. In the beginning, humans prefered to follow Satan and sin rather than to follow God so, the consequence we are paying now is to have limited intelligence.

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    In a room full of 100 people, 1 is probably a Saint,

    90 or so are just good people, and the rest are between a pain in the a$$ and toatal a$$holes. The thing is, they each made themselves that way. And only the saintly one is closest to God. The rest need to work to get there, and he gave us all the tools to do it. It is just how we choose to use these tools that seperate us, or bring us closer to God.

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    Alone what you said, means we are too stupid to see that we are not careing enough to understand that we can pick up a book and read, we can watch something that intrigues us and much more other things, created from the smart minds of other people so we, open our minds and see what power we really have.

    In truth, society is condemned because it does not teach us how to use our power that has been given to us which makes us all unique, they do not teach that to elementry kids, which is bogus.

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    To Siloam (above me):

    Crick has those theories before ribozymes were discovered.

    Not one scientist believes an entire cell came into existence spontaneously. if you do some research on abiogenesis you will see the various theories... any of them quite plausible.

    scientists are well aware of statistics... they are not all just banging their heads against the wall

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    It's pride that causes us to sin and condemn ourselves.

    What it says about God that He loves you so much that he gave us a way to escape condemnation. By sending Jesus to take our place and pay for our sin.

    By the way He is God, not so called God.

    Someday even you will believe in Him.

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