The ipod classic or the touch?

I am just wondering what would be the best choice. I know i want an ipod for christmas but i dont know what one to get, the ipod classic or the ipod touch. i want the ipod touch because of all of the web acces the big screen and that it is just soooo cool, but i am having doubts about the capacity. Because i know it will hold enough songs but will it be able to hold enough movies if i wanted to. and then there is the classic with much much more capacity. So i just want your guys opinion on which one you favor

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    If you want to watch movies I would go with the touch. If you want a BIG collection of music & video with you all the time then go with the Classic.

    Based on you comments it sounds like the touch is the way to go for you.

  • Dave
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    I just got the Ipod classic 80 gig today. I originally had an ipod mini and because it couldnt hold all my music because I have almost 8 gigs of music I got that one.

    The pros of an ipod touch would be.

    1 It looks like an iphone but without one.

    2 It has a lot more features like wifi and internet.

    3 It has a bigger screen and works like the iphone.

    The cons are.

    1 You get less memory and you pay more.

    2 and I don't know what else just seems like if you could afford both I would get both.

    The pros of a ipod classic.

    1 Its much cheaper than an itouch. 249 for 80gigs vs 399 for 16 gigs.

    2 you can store much more music on it along with data videos and more still.

    3 if you currently have owned a ipod you will know how to work it vs reading a manual.

    The cons:

    The only one that I can think of is that they may sell out because of its predacesor the itouch.

    Thats about it.

    Good luck and happy shopping.

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    I have ripped 10 movies to my 30gb and have only used about a third of its capacity so even the 8gb would probably work for you. I want a touch as well but I'm going to wait for the next version to make sure the bugs are worked out.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The classics screen is useless for watching movies.I suggest the touch although 16gb is a little short.

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    you can get a lot more space

    for your money...

    plus whats better than a classic lol


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