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what do you think would be the effects if the health industry was solely not-for-profit?

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    pie in the sky


    more seriously, your question has no logic to it. To make the present for profits into not-for-profits, someone would have to BUY them. That someone would be you through your taxes.

    And then they'd not be not-for-profits, but rather arms of the government and the end result would be like Britain and Canada -- little or no modern equipment, shortage of doctors, no new drugs, and consequent deaths of people who private enterprise is capable of saving.

    Source(s): ugh -- government is a terrible decision maker -- except when no other decision maker can be allowed [as in war and peace].
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    I think the previous answers just about cover it. Without the incentive to earn a profit very few companies would bother with medical facilities. There would be a few hospitals and clinics run by charities and the rest would disappear or be poorly run.

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    I have a Question for you all. Before this profit system was set up in the 70's under Nixon did we have the worst medical system in the world?

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    We'd have far fewer students enrolling in our medical schools.

    Our pharmaceutical companies would stop research and development on new drugs.

    On the brighter side, costs would go down.

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    I believe in universal health care. I'm providing you two links to two questions I asked Canadians and Brits regarding their health care system.;_ylt=AnfMi...;_ylt=ArbZ4...

    Both countries generally consider their health care "national treasures". It's unChristian and unconscionable not to provide health care for all. It's a basic human right.

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    Fewer docs, hospitals, poorer service, much less life-saving technology and medicines, longer waits, more deaths, more painful deaths, and much higher taxes (less money for you) to support an inefficient government system.

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    Ask yourself how hard you would work if just your expenses would be covered and you would get no extra money.

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    another DMV.

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