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Anyone succeed recently in appealing a violation?

I've had 3 in 2 days now, where I had none for months (this account and a previous one I terminated myself). It's getting so I don't know what's acceptable, and what's a violation.

I don't think its a user either. I think it's Yahoo doing it. Appeals fall on deaf ears, and all I get are standard canned responses. I can train my invisible cat to do that..

I'm disabled, and this is one of my few forms of entertainment, so I prefer to stay, but not if this continues.

If you appealed and won, would you tell me how you did it?

Thank you.

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    'Recent' is a relative term, but I succeeded in it about 3-4 weeks ago, using the Violations Appeal Forum: to do it.

    Post your request there, stating what was removed and stating clearly (and unemotionally) WHY you feel it was not a violation of the CG's. If you have multiple requests, do them in the SAME posting. Once you've posted, make a COPY of the URL address in the browser that shows AT THAT TIME. Put that somewhere safe. Use it to find your posting again later (otherwise, it can be a BEAR to find it!). Check back in a few days and see what they say on the site there. If they DO return the points, they will email you, with an apology.

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    I can feel your pain, as I am also medically retired and don't have a lot of things I can do for entertainment, this is one of them and I really like being on here. There are some draw backs like the constant reporting for nor reason, and having your q&a deleted without knowing why. So far I have found no solution, yahoo doesn't respond except in a form letter that tells you nothing. Hang in there maybe things will get better, I will do the same.

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    Do you happen to have any friends who are lawyers? If not your outa luck. I had another web site sign me up with out knowing it, in their membership program. First time I signed myself up and when they tried to automatically renew me for a second year, I told them never sign me up again! The junk mail filter I paid for with the membership did not seem to funtion and I would have 150+ junk emails in my inbox, out box, wherever. So I told them do not sign me up ever. Well they did months down the road. When I complained they cancelled my whole acct. Great going with (not)!

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    I never did, Yahoo! took my old e-mail adress (and government came and took my babies) and never gave it back, no matter how much begging I did. Until this day I still dont know what I did to get it erased....

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