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Do you know of a song to match...?

Hello, and thanks in advance for reading my question. It's actually a simple one really. I have to admit that my favorite song off all time is probably Meet Virginia by Train. Lately, inspired by the leader singer of said band's (Pat Monahan) solo album's leading single, Her Eyes, I found myself very much drawn back to the concept of those (2) songs. That concept is that beauty comes in many, many different ways. Those ways are very, I guess, strange sometimes, but amusing, too. In example, my favorite lines from Meet Virginia are: "She only drinks coffee at midnight/When the moment is not right/Her timing is quite, unusual/You see her confidence is tragic/But her intuition magic/In the shape of a body, unusual" and from Her Eyes, "Scares me to death when she thinks and drives" and "Says cowboy hats make her look fat." If you are a fan of Train, then you know very well what I mean. Now, my question is very specialized but I was wondering if you, my fellow friends of the internet...


...would know of any other songs that I am not aware of that also uses the ideas that these two wonderful songs do? Thanks guys, very much, in advance.

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    "Sundays" by Daphne Loves Derby maybe? Those lyrics reminded me of that song...

    "You enjoy coffee and Debussy, I can't believe the calmness in your bones, after everything. When she dreams, she sees herself in her Sunday dress, humming simple melodies she's known since she was only three." =]

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