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My hub is so down , please help!?

He has all the reasons to be depressed though. He made a big step to quit his job about 6months ago to start his own business. The bizz is going bad now, and he lost all his money. It's all complicated but he is SO down on himself. He wont eat or sleep and is overly stressed. Anybody who can relate, please some advise for my man, some meds maybe? He refuses to go to the doctor. thanks in advance

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    My standard answer follows: See depression treatments, at in section 2, and consult a doctor, to eliminate thyroid problems, etc. as possible contributing factors. It is your decision, and yours alone, as to whether to take any antidepressants offered, but, before you do, read section 1, and check medications out at so you will be on the lookout for side effects, like sexual dysfunction. My strong recommendation, however, is to follow the advice of my doctor, his partner, and also Dr. Mercola, at and avoid antidepressants. All of their advice, (except prayer, because many people are not religious) I have incorporated into the "core treatments", including others as options, such as herbal remedies (none of which have been conclusively demonstrated to work with severe depression). If you are diagnosed with clinical (major) depression, antidepressants may be necessary for a while, which will give the treatments time to become effective. The antidepressants themselves need days, or even a few weeks to reach full effectiveness. It's a good idea to taper off them slowly, with medical advice, after several weeks, to several months, because they are only effective in the long term for about 30% of people. I'd just thank the doctor, and pocket the prescription, trying the treatments for several weeks, to see if they are sufficient for you, before considering filling it. Stress is addressed on page 42. Antidepressants are available by mail order at Call (if in USA): +1 (877) 355-2052 Use the WebFerret search engine, or your own: "online pharmacies" : some have their own doctors prescribing, but it would be quicker to read about the symptoms, in section 2, and see a doctor, complaining of those symptoms, get the antidepressants, and give them to him ($4 from WalMart, most states, or try Target pharmaceuticals). I suppose you could enlist friends, family, and anyone he would listen to, to get him to go to the doctor. All I got!

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    First there is a difference between being sad and being depressed.....You husband as every right to be sad...Anyway about it you say he will not go to the doctors. So, when you say" meds maybe" where are you planning on getting meds from. He would have to seek help. Medication is only a part of dealing with depression, other things that help is cognitive therapy, exercise, better diet, talk therapy.. He can do those things without going to a doctor....If he refuses to seek help unless he gets suicidal there is not much you can do. .Other then pray If he is depressed he is ill and needs help..

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    Try to encourage him by telling him how much you love him everyday and I can tell you do. Tell him you are happy he took a chance you want him to jump off the peer of life and live it to it's fullest and if he sinks a few times so what at least he tires and you can always do other things. Make him breakfast in bed have a date night he needs lots and lots of attention right now and you are just the girl to do it!!

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    Drugs are not the answer, imo.....get some professional or informal counseling....I guess things happen. People lose their lifetime savings in 6 months, and its hard to take that with a smile.....maybe some religious/spiritual advice will help.

    Turning to God/Supreme Being helps too...

    Nice to know you care about him.....

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    Tell him he has to go to a docter there are realy good treatments like celexa out there to get him back on his feet.

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    I'll pray for both of you.

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