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I"s the younger generation (under 20) more devoid of knowledge of the past?

From pop culture to history it seems there is a lack of knowing the past. My wife was wondering and I was too. Those under 20, I mean no offense, as our bro & sisters under that age are very knowledgable, I just see alot of people who are young on here who have no idea anything that happened before they were 7 years old.

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  • Boo!
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    Yea Agree on that for the most part.

    I try to keep up and learn about

    important events in the past..

    [15 here]

  • staude
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    years in the past properly an prolonged time in the past, you had a activity for existence once you started paintings, no longer many can say that now. ideal to the information, rich? roflmao if it wasn't so unhappy. they're effective are not they thinking this worldwide recession continues to be right here, its no longer long previous away and predictions say no severe growth will ensue for yet another fifty years (50) because of the international debt, exception to the guideline are Germany,Australia and Japan. Its no longer the little ones fault nor the academics. Its in part the mother and dad fault for coaxing grade ameliorations out of instructors its particularly the mish mash of state and government regulations on training. in case you evaluate the % of distant places it is distant places pupils going to the effective u . s . a . and then evaluate %'s going to Europe and someplace else the figures are very revealing. One is sorry to assert this yet an American taught student at each and every point is under the coaching standards maximum different places. it isn't the academics fault, its your government who've broken the equipment with those dippy sats, after college golf equipment filling youthful minds with junk,media, computers internet the record is going on and on and on. between O.E.C.D. countries, only New Zealand, Spain, Turkey and Mexico now have decrease severe college ending touch quotes than the U.S.,” Mr. Schleicher (senior training solid on the corporate for financial Cooperation and progression in Paris, which facilitates coordinate regulations for 30 of the international’s richest countries) reported. approximately 7 in 10 American pupils get a severe college degree. Finland has the international's best training. no ask your self employers seem at pupils and bypass hell no we don't need you.

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    yea they're too busy doing the soulja boy. It seems the younger generation move with the changing times. Most kids these days have no appreciation and no interest for the past and that's the reason they have no idea of their future.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Coud u use smaler wrods pleese.

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  • 1 decade ago

    hey I know as much as any of you old people do, although im pretty vague on that war we had in the 90's.....

    Source(s): im 17 btw...
  • 1 decade ago

    i don't think it is beause they hven't been taught. it's more that they chose not to learn. one of my son's once told me he wasn't interested, what they were trying to teach him was about people who were already dead, and dead is dead and he did not care to learn about them.

  • Erato
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    1 decade ago

    I think the majority of them are.

    : )

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