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should i have to pay a doctor bill, if my doctor wrote a prescription for my son, when he didn't actually see

him in his office. he wasn't a patient, he was with me that day & talked to him, but he wasn't there as a patient, & then i got a bill for an office visit, & used my insurance info. thanks


by the way....we didn't even have the

prescription filled, & didn't ask for him to write it.

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    what a tight wad!

    I always get 2 for 1! I would owe my dr. tons of money if that were the case! Would he expect you to pay if he called in a script for you. My guess is he doesn't even know, it was the people in the front office that billed you.Call and complain about the bill. My doc always helps my family out like that, it's called caring more for people than the mighty$$

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    Absolutely. Whether or not the doctor physically saw him is irrelevant in this case because the doctor as you said did speak with your son and then prescribed a medication to remedy his affliction and whether you choose to fill the prescription or not is certainly your choice however you chose to call the physician initially and your responsible for the services rendered.

    Source(s): Fair business practices, BBB (Better Business Bureau)
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    I think your doctor did you a favor by helping your son out on your appointment. You did not have to make another appointment for the son. No needless traveling since you were already there. PAY THE BILL. Its hard to get a doctors appointment to begin with. THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO SUE OVER STUPID CRAP. I think your physician saved you another trip to his office and did it all in one and just PAY THE BILL. Think about it, if your son has such issues, you would of had to go back home and make an appointment for him, waste the gas and the time to go back in for another appointment. I think you are looking for a two in one special. Well, you got half of it, you did not have to waste the phone call, the gas, and the time to make a seperate appointment for the son. PAY THE BILL!!!

  • Doctors , like lawyers, can charge you for their time, even if it is on the phone.

    It is kind of like a visit to the emergency room.

    You took the time away from another person in the office.

    If you choose not to fill the prescription, that is on you.

    So yes, you do owe the money.

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    Sadly gone are the days when a GP would see all the family and only charge for the one consultation. Personally I don't know the law regarding Dr's fee's, however he shouldn't be writing scripts without seeing he patient first, should he?

    I just think your Dr is very cheeky, not to mention greedy. What is this world coming to. :-)

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    so the doc saw him outside the office and did you a favor. my opinion is yes you should pay him. he saved you an official office visit. insurance pays so much and most of us pay a copay. we all would like to get free medical advice but is that fair to the doc ? and no i am not a doc.

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    Nope. And if your doctor wrote a prescription without seeing your son he broke the law.

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    You expected to get something for nothing? You received service. Your insurance should cover it. Where is the problem?

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