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Ok so I've applied for my first job, so I dont have experience with interviews. It's for Tilly's a teenager clothing store. Its a group interview. So people tell me to prepare to and its good to also have questions for the interviewer. What kinds of questions? Also, what do I answer for my weaknesses? Is it ok to respond by saying I do have weaknesses, but none are significant to the position im applying for? Any for tips will certainly help. Thanks!

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    you are probably going to get a lot of advice that will help you out tomorrow. but i would like to address things that often aren't thought of:

    first and foremost make sure that you have a clean copy of your resume and any letters of recommendation with you. keep them in a simple black or blue folder with some plain paper that you can use for taking notes.

    next, dress in clothing appropriate for the job. if the employer gave a suggestion of what to wear, i hope you paid attention. ex... don't wear high heels to a job where there is a lot of walking, wear stylish but sensibly low heels. if you have had the opportunity, i hope you paid attention to what others who are working there were wearing. if you can help it, don't bring your purse into the interview with you. if you have to, bring a very simple black purse with only the necessities. TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE!!! or at least turn it on silent. don't smoke a cigarette right before the interview, you don't want to smell like an ashtray.

    at the interview, shake hands only if it is offered to you. if not, keep your hands to yourself. during the interview, do not cross your legs at your knees, if you must cross them, do it at the ankles. also, lean forward slightly, this will give your interviewer the impression that you are comfortable with the interview and interested in the job.

    finally, relax. when asked a question take a moment to breath and give a quick mind check before you answer. this gives the appearance that you are not nervous and stumbling over your answers. if you do not understand the question, ask the interviewer to define what he/she means.

    bring a black ink pen with you and be prepared to fill out more information because they may want to to a criminal background check and credit history on you if you are a candidate for a call back.

    Hope this helps and good luck at your interview!

    Source(s): after interviewing countless people for job positions, i know what i like to see and don't like to see. if an interviewee shows up in unapropriate attire it's a check against them. if they smell like cigarettes it's an absolute no go.
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    You can ask them questions about what hours you will be working and what is expected of you on the job. Ask them what qualities they are looking for in their employee and them tell them you have those same qualities. As for weaknesses just tell them that you don't have a lot of experience but that you do have a lot of enthusiasm. When you're done with the interview ask them when you can expect to hear back from them (if they don't hire you on the spot). Be confident! Best of luck to you!

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