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Writting Paper for school...can you prove that a Judeo-Christian God exists (please leave Age and gender)?

Reasonable size response and please leave Age and gender its kind of like a survey. Thank you for your time and have a good day.


I already have the outline im not trying to cheat i chose this topic and just need this as a source Thank you again

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    With all love, from a male in his 50's

    God is not proved, he is experienced. Your question is like someone trying to prove the taste of an orange. There are no words to describe the taste of an orange to someone who has never tasted an orange. It is only in experiencing it and tasting it yourself that you begin to understand the words that were used to describe the taste.

    Try to explain an orgasm to someone who has not had one.

    You question assumes that he is knowable and thus describable. He is not. All Holy text claim he is not knowable. This includes the Torah, Bible, Quran and most other text held to be Holy by masses of people. How may one prove something they do not know? While he is experienced via all physical things, he is no physical thing, yet he is all physical things. Physical things can be described and "proved", often times eventually the proof as described is altered, changed or disproved with time.

    What is offensive to atheist is how different religious bodies hold their perceptions of God to be absolute to the point of being violent in the face of other culture or perspective. The atheist rightly knows that this eruption of violence is not compatible with the general concept of a loving God. Yet the organized bodies surrounding their respective Holy Text are divisive in nature and do not show the love of God toward other culture or religions. It is easy to see how people may reject the way some "religious" bodies present their concept of God. They may worship him in words of love for their fellow man and yet with deed they condemn others that do not look as they do, dress as they do, believe as they do, worship as they do, read the exact same "Holy Text" that they do or use the same words as they do to describe God.

    In closing, like the taste of the orange, God can not be proved to anyone who has never tasted or experienced him. Nor can the taste of the orange successfully be argued as not to exist, in the heart one who has tasted the fruit.

    Respectfully, the premise and supposition of your question may be flawed when God is viewed in this way. There is no compelling argument that is not circular to prove either the position of the taster nor the position of the one who has never tasted.

    He can not be proved or disproved, he can only be lived.

    Tell me who enters the garden first, the one who professes the love of God but does not live it or one who does not profess it, but lives it?

    Living God is living love. It does not matter what words you use or "religion" you use, as all words and all "religion" are hollow whose practitioners do not live the love of God revealed through Christ / God / Buddha / Krishna consciousness.

    Live love! Love all, serve all!

    Blessings and peace to all,

    All in all,


    Source(s): The "Radiance"/\
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    definite, you're questioning too logically. it particularly is a faith-based equipment; good judgment has an element, yet no longer in each and every ingredient. As for a possible rationalization, if a covenant does not have a actual sign, human beings could be greater companies to miss approximately it. this is plenty a similar element with us writing down transaction on little meaningless products of paper. EDIT: i like the well being rationalization. After that, it could make experience that the custom exchange into merely carried on.

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    Because I have done everything I can to disprove him. I looked into a list of 270 contradictions in the New Testament alone and found it solid, I read a little first century history and early Christian history and found Christ to definitely be a historical person, and I learned ancient Greek to see if the Bible was mistranslated wrong but I only found a stronger case for Christ.

    22 M

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    One way... Witness the mulitude of prophecies that came true in the Bible. Only a true God can see all of time and direct men to write 100 percent accurate,detailed prophesies over hundreds of years apart from the actual events and persons. No other book in the world can claim that.

    In biblical OT times, if a prophet spoke one single false prophecy, they were to be stoned to death as people knew it was not from God. I wonder how many psychics or modern fortune tellers would stand the test if their life depended on it. It is a way that Satan attempts to cause people to doubt prophecy in the Bible and thereby, that God's Word is true.

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    No. And I stand in a line of many, many, many, many other people.

    And, no, neither can YOU or anyone else.

    Of course, NONE of these same people can prove that a Judeo-Christian God does NOT exist.

    It's the classic battle of PROOF vs FAITH.

    Interesting topic for a paper. Best of luck.


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    Several different religions have mentioned a Great Flood, including the Greeco-Romans however I wouldn't want you to write the whole report on everything I say, I'd just say don't just look in Christian text ;)

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    just dug up this info in the encyclopedia...apparently mrs. God is turning 12 381 in feb '08, making her twice as old as the earth and almost old enough to have experienced the neanderthals

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    Might as well turn in a blank sheet of paper because there is no tangible proof that ANY god exists OR does not exist.

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    I'll tell you what I tell all children trying to cheat on their homework here.

    "Please do your own homework."

    and FYI there is no way to prove that a God exists.

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    I know that people hate thsi answer but it is Faith. I believe that you can love someone even though you cannot see is stiil there. God has done ALOT for me and my family, without him I wouldn't be here. F/35

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