Honda Civic 1995, Auto. Jerks on start up...?

Also jerks slowly while on slow speed 20-30Kph. I have also noticed the Rev Mtr goes up & down while is jerks. Its an Automatic . Not sure what the problem is any ideas....

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  • 1 decade ago
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    sent you a separate reply to your email. The problem with the jerking is most likely the ignition coil breaking down. The tachometer gets its signal for engine speed from the ignition coil so that when the coil breaks down the rpm signal is lost and the needle bounces all over the place or drops to 0.

    as for the remote, the battery in the remote fob is likely dead. check the red LED on the top of the transmitter; it should light up when you press any button. if it doesn't, or if its dim, replace the battery

    hope that helps

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