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Which Charlie Brown is Jim Caple referring to, when naming his favorite baseball players of all time?

I saw him list Willie Mays and Charlie Brown, on his ESPN website. I was wondering if he was referring to the historical MLB player by the name of Charlie Brown -- or the wishy washy (but lovable loser) hero of the famous PEANUTS cartoon strips.

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    My Baseball Encyclopedia shows that the real Charlie Brown's entire career consisted of 4 games for the Cleveland Spiders in 1897. I think having an affection for a cartoon character is much more likely than having an affection for a marginal player from 110 years ago.

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    It was the Peanuts character. Bag of Rocks for Halloween. Can't kick a football. Good ol' Charlie Brown.

    Chuck played a lot of baseball. His team never won. Always got smeared by Peppermint Patty's team. Classic pictures of him looking up into the sky and getting rained on.

    Caple was trying to be funny and iconic. Apparently he missed.

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    Perhaps the real one. I remember the caroon character being more of a football player. Forever trying to kick a field goal while that evil bim Lucy moves the ball away just before he makes contact so he falls on his rear.

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    Prob the baseball player

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