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PSP game with magic?

Ok so I like games like LOTR and being able to be gandolf the wizard or in Runescape or WoW and being able to fight with magic and cast spells. Are there any PSP games like this?

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    I recommend Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Its a tactical strategy RPG with an insane amount of depth and tons of game play hours. Many magical classes are available for characters ranging from the simple black or white mage to summoners, mystics, and time mages. If your willing to make a time commitment and you are a fantasy nerd at heart, I'm sure you'll love this title.

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    Almost all rpg games have a mage class. If you pick up any rpg for the psp there's a huge chance that there will be a mage class in the game.

  • Get a Final Fantasy game, and make a mage, preferably black (I'm not racist).

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    You should try Final Fantasy Tactics, I havent played it, but if its anything like the GBA one, if F*cking awesome....

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    final fantasy

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