What should i talk about with girls?

im 15 and in grade 10. what should i talk about with girls, beside what classes they have next and all that. what do they want to talk about, or do they even want to talk to me. im on the football team, 6 feet tall, brown curly hair, blue eyes, muscular, and over all pretty good looking, and im nice, and shy. im usually pretty nervous to go up and talk to a girl, should i be? i just dont know what to say to them or what to talk about?

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    Ask about the weekend or how homework is going for them in a class you have together. When you start a conversation you have to LISTEN to what she is saying. When you hear something in common, catch onto it, ask another question (when she's done talking of course). Don't only talk about that one thing because it can get boring and/or weird. It can be difficult to get a conversation going when you don't have something in common right away. If you can't find something, tell her a story about something crazy you did over the weekend. She'll probably tell you a story similar to it or something that she had forgotten about that she did. From her story you can find little things in her words that will lead you to questions. Try and think of her as a friend that you've known for a long time. If you think of her as that HOT girl that you're nervous to talk to then things just get difficult. If you can't find something to ask her, just talk about something random. If she's interested in you she'll find something to talk about, otherwise she'll just give you yes or no kind of responses. Often guys will say to just ask questions and not talk about you to a girl. WRONG! Ignore what these guys are saying. Talk about whatever you can muster up. Talk about sports, a new CD that came out, pets, parties, work (if you do), an upcoming holiday, and absolutely anything. Girls want to see that you're willing to try to chat with them. Girls want you to tell them something about you. They don't want to be interrogated. It's kind of weird when only one person is really talking. Girls don't always enjoy talking non-stop about themselves. The more you talk to her, the simpler it'll get to hold a conversation. Just keep in mind that you shouldn't be dominating the conversation. You don't want to appear like you're just interested in talking about yourself. If she catches on that you're trying to talk to her because you like her and she's interested, she'll start to be the one that thinks of things to talk about. I've found that girls are good at finding random things to talk about, so once you've delved into the conversation it should just flow. Remember that a conversation does not have to be non-stop. Pauses are natural. Just don't let them last for too long. Remember to smile and keep good eye contact with the girl. She wants you to be able to look at her. Don’t be afraid to compliment on how she looks or if you like the color of something that she’s wearing. Girls like to know, politely, that you think she is attractive and that her efforts to look good are noticed. Like I said before, think of her as a good friend before you think of her as a potential girlfriend. When you think of her as a friend you'll be yourself and you will be able to think more clearly.

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    Funny thing. Im 20, and still have the same problem. Its a common occurrence. Especially getting nervous around a pretty girl. Start off by talking to girls in your class, build up your confidence. Start small talk about school or something. Once you get past that you can start talking about other stuff like "Man yesterday was terrible". If she bothers to ask why or show interest, talk about it. Soon you will be talking about other things naturally and more fluid. You will be getting to know eachother. Next step is asking to hangout or get togeather some time, and that is a whole new ballpark. Just take it a step at a time.

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    wow...sorry about all the bad answers people are giving you! I'm a shy girl, so I'm not the best conversationalist either, but maybe just say "hi, how are you?" and just ask "small talk" questions like that. Just making an effort to talk to them should make a difference :) Hope that helps a little...I can't really give all that great advice since I'm shy too, but that's what I'm attempting to do (haven't really done it yet lol) and hopefully it will work!

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    I think the last guy who answered is an idiot as girls we don't at all want a guy to come up to us and start talking about our butts

    it sounds like your a pretty hot guy and allthough in the begining of a relationshipshy is not thought of as an awsome trait to have when flirting but personally i like it better guys who are shy are always more sensitive and knoe how to treat a girl better

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    talk to them about them.

    They always want to know what guys think about them.

    Their hair, shoes, bags, just have an interest on them.

    Do not talk about you unless they ask something about you.

    Make them feel like they are interesting and flirt with them a little.

    Don't be thinking about sex all the time you talk to them.

    There is a time and a place for that.

    Step up and talk to them.

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    People like talking about themselves.

    Go up and ask questions of the girl.

    Often, she will be happy that someone is taking interest in her.

    The topics will make themselves known and you just talk about those.

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    no dont talk about their butt. all i can say is if you really like a girl and she likes you back, you'll have something to talk about. and there's nothing wrong with just talking about classes because you all might have some teachers in common or something. if thats all you can think of to say to a girl then just do it! maybe start by giving her a compliment on something you like about her like "hey thats a nice color on you" or "your hair looks cool today"

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    Make small polite comments about them, like if they did something with their hair that is new, and it looks good and you really like it, ( do not lie if you dont like it ) say, " hey i like what you did with your hair ".

    OR even comment on the weather, any thing that will make a small talk go into a converse conversations. Having the chance to say something is one thing, but having a great conversion is something greater and it can lead into many things, obviously more conversation in teh future!

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    Say hey. Comliment them. Talk about school, music, ask them what they like. I personally love nice shy guys but they have to atleast say hey. Smile and make eye contact. Start up a convo like "Hey dis u get the chemistry test?" or "I really like rock music what do u like?" Just be confident and casual. ^_^ good luck!

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