how can you investigate a person whom you expect is just telling lies to you and considers you as a friend?

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    I really feel for you!

    I am going through just that now myself, and it's a really creepy feeling when you think you can trust a person you consider a friend, and perhaps all the while they are repeating everything you say to someone else, like your bitter enemy, behind your back.

    If you have a good, really good other friend you can trust, I would set them up to be in the same proximity of that person you suspect is telling lies to others. Have them befriend them and engage in casual conversation. You can have then tape record the converstaions, but remember that a tape recorder will not stand up in a court of law, without prior consent of taping them. But, at least you'd hear it "from the horse's mouth".

    Your only other recourse is to hire a private investigator to trail them, but that can be costly. Efficient, but costly. But will stand up in a court of law in most cases.

    Is it someone at your job? Or just a good friend?

    It sucks, doesn't it that it could be happening to you? People are so self-absorbed, unhapy and down right jealous.

    Good luck with your battle. I have to go now and fight mine. I've posted a question I'm waiting for an answer to.

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    oh man! i am going through the same thing right now! the best thing that i can come up with right now is to watch to see if their behaviour is unusual. if they're doing anything that they wouldn't necessarily do. also if your friend is lying, they could be feeling guilty. they might treat you really well one day because they feel bad that they lied to you. watch out for things like that. i hope your friend isn't lying...because it isn't pretty when you find out the truth.

    Source(s): unfortunately has happened to me before and i'm going through it right now
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    My fiance and I created a myspace to spy on a guy we suspected of cheating on his wife. We found out he was a cheater. We created a woman and found pics on the internet of her and he fell for it. Maybe you could do something like that....

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