Should I buy a 2005 Altima at the auction?

Looking to buy a 2005 Nissan Altima (fully loaded) at the auction (dealers only, someone is going to get me in).

Does anyone have any personal experiences? warnings? tips? etc.

Guy who is taking me is saying that it should run about $12k (+ about $600 in fees (his and the auctions))

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    Nissan Altima is built in America for that other answer. That said you could be buying a Katrina car. 3 year old altimas at 13,000 dollars wholesale auction? or with some extended warranty available? for 17,000 at a dealership. Your saving some money but have no recourse if the trans fails just down the street from the auction. Get the 3.5 liter engine (much better then 2.5 liter) Try to look it over very well rusty sear bottoms funny smelling lysol cars run away. Make sure you have the owners hand books a good sign they haven't been under water. Run a carfax and Nissan warranty history find out it was in Gulfport two augusts ago!

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    Honestly, you will be able to find the same deal on this same particular vehicle outside of auction. If this is a 2.5 fully loaded, there is no doubt in my mind that you can find the same vehicle for around the same price, if not alittle more. As the previous reply mentioned, be weary of a Katrina vehicle. The Altima's are very reliable vehicles, auctions however harbor some shady products to the unsuspecting eye!

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    Go for it, the 05' Nissan Altima is a very reliable car with a good amount of pickup and the gas pedal is very responsive. It gets good gas mileage and looks pretty sporty

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    yea thats actually a pretty good deal. we have a lot of experience with auctions, we have bought 3 cars from diff ones. make sure you go on the day where you can check out the car, meaning sit in it, pop the hood make sure everything is alright. if its a clean title altima get it or i will! lol

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