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My son and I wat to see a movie in theatres but we don't know what to see?

My son is 14, we have no idea what to see.

Any good ones for opening friday or already playing?

I hear of one called No Country For old Men, a Thriller that is supposed to be good, and my son likes most kinds of movies.

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    Fred Claus

    Dan in real Life

    The comebacks

    Beowulf All of these have PG-13 and under.

    here is a website that may help

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    I saw Beowulf last night, and it was pretty good. I can't imagine a 14 year old boy NOT wanting to see it. Go to the 3D version. It's a completely new experience. :) It's got some gore and sexual content, but 14 year old boys...well, they masturbate...a lot. I'm sure it's nothing new for him. Have fun!

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    Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium is playing this weekend.

    Fred Claus is playing this weekend.

    Bee movie is playing this weekend.

    it really depends on where you live.

    type in your local movie place in search engine to see what is playing.

    No Country For old Men is rated R.

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    American Gangster was an awesome movie...but he probably can't see that (though I bet he wants to).

    I would take my 14y/o son (if I had one) with me as long as he promised not to tell his mother.

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    i say shrek 3.!!!

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