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I'm freaking out, I havent been to the gym in 8 days?

Will I lose muscle mass?

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    No one indiscretion will have a significant impact on your fitness goal, especially if you've been working out regularly for any length of time. Just get up, dust yourself off, and get back into your routine. Beating yourself up for it is self-defeating and will only slow you down from attaining your goal.

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    I know the feeling, I like to go everyday. But, since it is no longer day light saving time, I had to cut back on going to the gym, but I do work out at home when I can't get to the gym. No, you won't lose muscle mass, not that fast. But, when you do go back, I know you are going to work even harder. I know, because that is what I do. It is like a rush for me. It makes, me feel good.

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    Everyone who lifts freaks out when they take some time off. The fact of the matter is, the time off is great, and if you do lose any size, it's not noticeable enough to see in the mirror. Enjoy your time off and tear it up when you get back in there.

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    no...takes a lot longer than that...

    2-3 times a week is enough...get plenty of rest.


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    Just get back in there as soon as you can. I think you will be okay.

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    get over it.

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