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how do i make this like less awkwardd?

i was out with a bunch of my friends a few nights ago, and we all were at my neighbors house, it was my neighbot, his girlfriend, me, my boyfriend, and a few other of our friends and their boyfreinds/girlfriends....we got bored and were playing truth or dare and my neighbor got dared to makeout with me...we both objected at first becasue we were both going out with people, but since we were such close freinds and everyone thought they would get a kick out of it...his girlfriend and my boyfriend laughed along and said they didnt care and so we were stuck doing it...its been a few days and things between my friend are really awkward..its not just him kind of avoiding me, its me feeling rlly weird about it and like not being able to really face him...were both in the same highschool, but we dont have any classes, which makes it easy to avoid him, but i really dont want our friendship to be ruined becasue of a little can i make it less awkward?

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    The truth is you're feeling awkward may have something to do with your feelings towards him. Ask yourself this questions: Do you like him? Did your enjoy the makeout session? If you answer "No" to both questions, then you shouldn't be feeling awkward..

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    Just talk to him about it and take it for what it was ' a dare'.

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    let it flow... get relax (even I don't know how to do this if you really like him ^_~) Nothing to worry if you don't like him, you just should try to start chatting with him.

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