I often hear the argument...?

That atheists only refute Christians beliefs because they are just trying to validate their own lack of belief by belittling others. Is it any different when Christians try to refute an atheists belief? I know you call it spreading the "good Word" but shouldn't this be a two way street?


I was fully prepared for Pascal's Wager in reply to my question.

Update 2:

Starlight, what exactly gives you the idea that the R&S section of Y/A is a "Christian" room?

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    The problem with religion is that we give it a weird respect, which uniquely protects religion from normal criticism.

    If we could rid ourselves of this respect (which rational people inherited from early scientists. This respect was first aquired by fear of death and torture, due to the inquisitive nature of organised religions), religion would be threated like nonsense attributed to people believing in fairies or aliens.

    Religion passes no rational, logical, nor scientific methods of argumentation. Therefor, should be treated as a fantasy and its tenants like cultists and mass-hysterical people.

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    Definitely. I've talked to a lot of Christians before about my atheist beliefs and their's as well. Almost every time I ask them why they are Christians, the response I get the most is "Because I just am." When they ask me the same, I usually give them a fairly in depth answer. It usually scares them on how educated about the Bible I, and most Atheists are. And a lot of the Christians I've talked to think atheists worship the devil. I have to explain to them that I don't believe in god, or the Bible, so why in the world would I believe in the Devil? Usually they just tell me that I'm not going to be saved and that they pity me and leave. But I think it's the opposite. I believe that they try to refute us by belittling atheists because they sometimes doubt themselves, so they go out to spread the "Good Word" to validate themselves. They want to pity us to make themselves feel like "good, caring people." I've never tried to convert anyone, but I like them to at least be educated on what they're talking about, so it may come off that way, but Christians automatically think it's their duty to save as many as possible. It gets annoying.

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    flip it around and you have the situation most Christians go through as well. They only spread the word to validate their own beliefs. It is a phase in the "life-cycle" of a Christian, I went through it, most do. I enjoy discourse and used to sit down with a couple of buddy's and go through all the ins and outs of faith and evolution... at the time, after awhile, it got to be generally the same debate/discussion. I've gone through my doubts, explored many of the "difficulty's" with evolution and with having a faith, and I expect more, but for the most part I've satisfied myself as regards to what I find "true".

    Using the Socratic method is the way I learn where someone's at these days. To both atheists and those of faith, what they believe can become rote and doctrine, mouthing what they've read or heard someone else say and take it as "fact". There is life on one hand, and there is the human condition on the other. I believe the Bible addresses both. Those who don't believe in a creator have a theory that addresses the first (life), but not the second (human condition). That's ok with me.

    BTW Phil - I generally like your questions... even with the angst that seems to come through. Don't let the 10% bum you out... Jim & Tammy Fay, et al aren't "out to get you"... lol

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    You should be happy the Christian takes the time to try to show you truth....In time God said he gives over to a reprobate mind those opposing him.....I'm happy the atheist come to the Christian room and something must be pulling on you or you would not come to this place at all because my believe is that what you hear in this place will lay on your mind and you can't get it off....It will haunt you.....

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    I think you can't stereotype atheists. The good majority of atheist activists are assholes though. They push because they are angry at God. But Christians who push like that are just blind to what Jesus, who they consider their savior, and was, no matter what someone'd tell you, a very good man, he'd rather you just go, say "this is what i believe. Interested? No? okay then have a nice day." Those Christians who push are not really Christian. They use that as an excuse for their narcissism. They are what atheists who are assholes love to stereotype. Those atheists are either angry at god or antireligious. But there are atheists who are very moral persons, mind themselves, and just live their lives as they choose, are polite, and all around great people. I'd say that's about 35/65, 65 being asshles. It really is a shame though. Stereotypes are terrible.

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    Theists and atheists tend to ridicule each other, each believing that he or she is in possession of the truth! At least, the two groups are communicating! That fact can only be beneficial, even though neither will ever succeed in converting the other most probably.

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    The only difference is personal perspective... Neither Atheists nor religious people see their own actions and words as wrong but see the same type of actions and words in the other grouping as very wrong...

    It's a classic double standard...

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    It goes along the lines of what's good for the goose is good for the gander. We Atheists have our "good word", too. The same consideration should be given. Everyone is entitled to voice their beliefs regardless of race, religion or creed.

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    Prepare for Pascal's idiotic wager.

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    Except there is no harm to Christians if they hold their beliefs, even if atheists are wrong. Christians spread the gospel of Christ because it brings happiness and in the end it can bring eternal salvation to people. I know this is similar to the overused argument, but it the truth.

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