What do you think the ulterior motive is (if there is one)?

My recently divorced friend's ex-wife called him and said that her dog (Louis) missed his dog (Rex) and could he bring Rex over so the dogs can visit. She had Louis when the met and they got Rex while they were together but he's my friend's dog. She has also told him more than once since they broke up that she will dog-sit for Rex. During the phone call, she also made a point of mentioning that she wasn't with her new guy anymore.

He does not want any kind of relationship with her, even as friends and she's a little on the crazy side.

So we're wondering

(1) What should he do about allowing Rex to visit with Louis?

(2) Does she have some ulterior motive in asking for this little doggy play date?


He's my boyfriend's best friend, so I'm not writing this as the jealous new girlfriend.

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    Tell her the dog will get over it. Don't trust her motive for a second. That's just my option(I've been there done that) not the sicko chick bit.

  • Tara
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    1 decade ago

    (1) If you all allow Rex to visit Louis .. you will probably be expected to let them visit each other a lot more times - and a lot more often. Plus - she will probably eventualy want LOUIS to come over to REX'S house to visit .. and of course, she would have to bring him - and pick him up ... hmmmm. Don't start the visiting .. then you won't have to ever stop it.

    (2) If a person did NOT want to see their ex - the person could care less about the dogs wanting to visit each other. The doggy play date is probably just a way to get an opening to get close .. then other things will come forward .. and come more often.

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    Is she asking him for a date? no.

    It seems like your a bit insecure because you mentioned (paragraph 2). Read it. So what's the big deal? If the two dogs grew up together, why should they have to be apart? She's not asking him to dog sit for her. You should follow your instincts. I don't think that he would've gone through a divorce to get back together.

    On the other hand, I'm in a relationship and I probably would be on the pissed side myself, but if you truly trust him then don't worry. You just need to let him know what the repercussions are, so he doesn't mess up.

  • Anonymous
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    Its obvious that she is hitting on him, she is just using the dog as an excuse.

    she has gone out of the way to mention she is not with her new guy anymore so she is telling him that she is available.

    He should tell her that Louis will just have to mix Rex, she can get her dog to go play with someone elses dog.

    He should tell her that they are not together anymore and he doesn't want to play silly games with her and the dogs.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Who can truly say what her motives may or may not be?

    If your friend wants nothing to do with her, he is best to decline the doggy play dates. He can tell her to take her dog to the doggy park, it'll soon make some other canine friends.

  • 1 decade ago

    She may have another motive or she may not. Letting the dogs get together would be great for them if they were close before, I wouldn't let my worries get in the way of this chance to make my pooch happy. Why not go with him when he delivers and picks up the animal? Then you'll have nothing to worry about.

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    It's a frigging dog we are talking about. Not a child. They are only around for like, what, twelve years or so? and I am fairly sure that unless they are starved and beaten, physiological damage is a non issue. I suggest your partner tell his ex that his dog expressed definitive wishes to be left out of this crap fest, and he found another doggy to play with. Simple enough for ya???

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    She's lonely and her little dog too.

    LOL, I doubt her dog is really telling her that he wants to see Rex.

    I don't think this is an ulterior motive...it's a overt motive. She wants to see him and if not him at least his dog.

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    tell him to tell her to go get her dog a new buddy. and if his dog is lonely, he can get his dog a new buddy. of course theres ulterior motives. maybe she wants him back, maybe she wants to see if she can have sex with him "one more time", or maybe she just wants to be all up in his business. it doesnt matter. if hes done with her, he needs to tell her, and make it a point to show her that hes done. dont answer her calls. dont go see her. if shes got something important to say she can leave a voicemail. if its important to him, he can call her back. otherwise, he needs to say to hell with her.

    my husbands ex tries to start arguments nearly every time she calls. btw-- he NEVER calls her. so we dont answer the phone. sometimes she'll leave a message, sometimes she doesnt. he has even told her that the only thing he gives a damn about hearing about her is someone calling to tell him shes dead, and knowing my husband, i know he means it. he'd be just fine never seeing or hearing from her again.

    tell your friend to ignore her. theres a reason she's his EX.

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  • Anonymous
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    this is marriage & divorce not dogs bitches lol

    some people use kids some people use sex

    your friends ex seems to use dogs bitches as a excuse to get her man back

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