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I have a American Bulldog 8 months old she has been the sweetest but 2 days ago my dog was sleeping and my?

daughter tried to nudge her to get off the couch and my dog growled at her. I firmly fussed at the dog.Then tonight my other daughter was telling her to get off the couch and she nudged her lightly and she growled and showed her teeth why all of a sudden do you think she is doing this? I have had her since she was 8 weeks old


she is very obedient and listens to my husband and I but not to the children

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    keep her off the couch. give her a bed thats her own.

    do NOT disturb her when shes on her own bed. do some training techniques to teach her to move when you ask (without physically forcing): for example, when she is just relaxing on the floor - not sleeping - YOU (not your daughter) should start walking right in her path and shuffling your feet toward her and lightly clapping your hands while saying your cue ("move", "up", "outta my way" ...whatever you want to use). when she gets up, praise her, and give her a treat if you'd like. practice this a couple times a day.

    if she growls even during this simple exercise, you may want to look into seeing a behaviorist or trainer.

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    First of all, if she doesn't listen to the children then she views herself as their superior, and that is by no means acceptable. Your children need to work with you in training this dog so that she understands that she is lowest in the pecking order.

    Second, is your dog spayed? If not, this could be a heat cycle!

    Lastly, your dog just turned into a teenager, and behaviors will be changing left and right. Reward behaviors you want and dissuade her from behaviors you don't want. All dogs go through this phase of their lives, just with different levels of severity. If she ever seems to get out of hand, ask your veterinarian for a list of reputable canine behaviorists.

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    She's claimed the couch as hers and is protecting it. Scold the dog when she does this, so she knows its not acceptable behavior. It might also be a good idea to keep her off the couch for a little while so she learns that it belongs to everyone, not just her.

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    She is beginning to assert dominance over your daughter as she becomes older and matures and she is getting increasingly aggressive (think in terms of her being a very willful teenager who is getting increasingly more assertive in her behavior). Growling is a serious warning sign of aggression. Time to ask your vet or local humane society for a reference for a good trainer. If you work on this early you may be able to stop it before it escalates further and your daughter gets hurt. And it will escalate without training. I agree that she should no longer be allowed on the couch with this behavior.

    Source(s): I work with a humane society.
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    Why is she suddenly doing this? Are you kidding me?

    How would you like it if someone nudge you awake to tell you to get off your sleeping area? Your problem started when you allowed her to get on the couch!

    Now you have to teach her that the people couch is not for her. You now have to get her a nice, soft dog bed.

    Good luck! You are a nice & good dog owner.

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    Because you are not suppose to request that she move, but tell her to instead. If you don't start being the boss now, you'll have a bad situation in a shorter time than you realize.

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    she has claimed the couch as her territory. american bulldogs are very protective.

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