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i missed todays democrat debate...?

any one want to gimme the run down on what happened?

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    you didn't miss much worth worrying over , just another example of our media letting the citizens of America down

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    Mark, ever try C-Span? From a bi-partisan point of view, I beg all of you to take the time to watch it from time to time. At first ...I know, it can be horribly boring but you can get sucked in as the issues REALLY come to light and you can see whom and why the Immigration bill lacked any real teeth. See where the Patriot act is wrong or right. See why winning or withdrawing from Iraq is so important. It is all there without the frills. To hell with the 30 second memorized sound bites that these candidates spend millions for people to perfect. That is not where we will find the truth. Though I do follow the debates I feel C-SPAN is the most important station in the world today!

    God Bless and god's speed to all whom seek the truth.

    Forget FOX,CNN,MSNBC,ABC,CBS, NBC and the BBC.

    Source(s): Americans you want the truth.....C-SPAN is the fastest way in real time.
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    On a piecemeal basis, Obama was asked a question: "Looking back now was NAFTA the right thing to do?"

    His response was that he supports free trade with Peru because they are a small and independent nation and then he went on to discuss Japan and how they place product safety inspectors in China so Chinese factories adhere to the Japanese standards or they get no business with Japan. And America should do the same.

    Problem with that answer is NAFTA stands for North American Free Trade Agreement. Peru is not in North America. China is not part of North America. Japan is in Asia, not North America. NAFTA was about a trade agreement eliminating tariffs on Mexican and Canadian goods in the U.S. and Canadian and Mexican tariffs on U.S. goods sold in those countries. Peru, China, and Japan have nothing to do with NAFTA.

    The moderators did not pin him down, but overall the debate was a real joke. Wolf Blitzer was supposed to moderate the debate, but the candidates mopped the floor with Wolf. He would try to impose time limits on their answers and they would ignore him completely.

    Another easy question was: "Should good teachers receive merit pay?"

    You would think this is a simple yes/no question, but the first six candidates seemed to dodge it completely to discuss unions, and I think only Biden actually said "yes" and then proceeded to convolute his answer by talking about his wife's advanced degrees. Crazy!

    On the question, "Which is more important: Human rights or national security?" the candidates totally bloviated and were all over the map. National security, duh. If there is no nation, who will guarantee human rights, right??? But I think the first several candidates totally blundered the question, and Wolf held Chris Dodd's feet to the fire, and Dodd just came right out and said, "Look, national security, obviously, is going to be more important!!!" And then the remaining candidates followed suit.

    Just a real mess. . . In my opinion, nobody won.

    The final question was directed to Hillary by an "undecided voter:" "Which do you prefer: Diamonds or pearls?" That last question alone should tell you what the debate was really about. Hillary said, "Both." And that ended this insane and ridiculous debate.

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    no longer something extremely exciting. Obama did okay, and got here off Presidential. Edwards hammered away at businesses and the rich (in each and every question). Hillary did ok yet no longer something of activity (except that she cackled at a question of Obama's that i'm positive you'll see interior the records this evening....did not make her look good in any respect). Richardson were given by ability of a few distance the most air time (hello with that? LOL). Biden gave his universal staggering performance, and Dodd changed into his prevalent self.

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    heres all you need to know:

    They all took every side of every issue

    They all lied

    They all pandered to the groups they think they can get votes from

    There you go. You probably spent those two hours doing something constructive like working OT to pay extra taxes so that some welfare loser can drink beer and watch the NASCAR race on Sunday on your dime. You keep up the good work and with the help of good democrats like you this will be a socialist country very soon.

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    To save allot of typing. Wolf Blitzer and the Clinton News Network staged another Hillary event. They will try and convince the public Hillary won but the facts are it was far from a fair fight. While Blitzer cut short the other candidates he permitted Hillary to ramble on. She had the nerve to compare her 35 year struggle for the good of America and expects people to believe it. She forgot about her ripoff of investors or the immoral way she supported Bill in his sexual exploits. Naturally being a Clinton she has no morality so it is easy for her to spew out lies.

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    You didn't miss much...

    Clinton: wants to have a bipartisan commission evaluate social security, in order to pay for universal health care for families that cannot afford it, she will provide tax credits.. this time she took a position on giving illegal immigrants driver's licenses, her answer was no.. her positions haven't changed on Iraq (cannot commit to withdraw all troops by 2013, possibly later) or Iran (stands by her vote designating the IRG a terrorist organization)

    Obama: Apparently his universal health care plan leaves out 15 million Americans, the same issue (driver's licenses for illegal immigrants) that he has been scrutinizing Hillary for (not being able to give a straight answer to) he ended up waffling on himself.. he ended flip flopping on the social security issue, he now wants to raise the cap, when in prior debates and in interviews, he has stated every option was on the table, then raising the cap, then appointing a bipartisan commission and now he is back to raising the cap again.. His position on Iraq (cannot commit to having all troops out by 2013, possibly later) and Iran (didn't show up to make the vote, but acknowledged that it was a mistake, yet sponsored the exact same legislation in April) still hasn't changed

    I support Ron Paul but I usually watch the democratic debates and come to the conclusion that either Biden or Edward's are the winners, but to be honest I wasn't really pleased with anyone in this debate..

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    Nothing worth watching. They only focused on the two main democrats (Hilary and Obama) and questions given to Edwards were not answered. Basically beat around the bush and give opinions.

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    They blamed Bush and they aren't running against him or Cheney it is great they are idiots.

    Dennis Kucinich will Start the SG-1 Program if elected.

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    Hillary regained her stride, Obama lost his, Edwards blinked a lot, and the rest of them all talked about having a lot of bipartisan meetings. I think that is it in a nutshell.

    Rudy will beat any of them in the general election!!

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