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Lack of Self-Confidence?

So, here is my situation. I am a 21 year old woman, newly married and recently just recieved my first manager position. I am the Assistant General Manager at Cost Plus World Market. Being my first real manager job, I lack confidence in my job. What I mean is that I feel as though I am not doing well....I know I am qualified for the job but I cannot help feeling that everyone thinks I am incompitent. How do I over come this lack of self-confidence in my job, and has this ever happened to any of you....if so, what do you do to deal with it? Thank you!

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    Confidence has everything to do about the way you think and see yourself. If you see yourself being incompetent, then you will become that way.

    What you need to do is to try to think positively about yourself and your abilities... you KNOW you can do the job, so therefore you should be able to do the job.

    You just need to work on retraining in the way you think... instead of thinking "Omg... I cant do this...", say to yourself "I can do this, I know I can do this. Let's go!!"

    It might also help talking to someone about how your feeling, like your hubby and see if he can help you think more positively too.

    You sound like a lovely person, don't let your doubts hold you back and go for it!!

    Good luck and I wish you all the best for your future :)

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    First, congrats on your managers position! You go girl!!

    Second, why do you think people are viewing you as incompetent? Has someone said something to you? If not, it is your own imagination.

    That said, take some time to look inside yourself and ask some questions. Did this feeling come up previously? If so, when, with whom, why? How did they make you feel? How did you resolve, or not resolve it?

    You may want to read some books or take a class on managerial techniques. Ask your supervisor about any company-based training courses for new managers. Say you want to do an excellent job and you were wondering if the company offered anything to expand on your already stellar managerial style!

    As a manager, never forget you are dealing with people, don't be a push over and don't be a hard ***.

    Good luck honey, I am sure you are a great manager.

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    Hi Tiffany

    Pick up a few good books on managment and leadership and pick one or two exercises a month to practice. i.e. communication or time management or what ever seems appropriate. Dont try to change all at once.

    Make an effort at gradual constant improvement, as you succeed your confidence will increase.

    Also find a mentor, a senior experienced person with whom you can have lunch once a week to discuss your experience. Someone unrelated to your job who can listen to you and tell you about thier experience.

    Most important, be yourself and remember you are only 21 - you have lots to learn about interacting with people and about yourself.

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    Gaining confidence is always good but it depends on your personality really. I can see your highly motivated since youre a manager so here is the #1confidence boost:Excersise.

    Do some Cardio and Aerobics i guarantee you will feel great.

    Its all about your state of mind stay positive and motivated as much as possible

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    See self confidence, at on page 38. Arrive a little early, before the others: depart late: eat sandwiches and fruit in your office for several weeks, to show others you are putting in the hours: they won't expect too much from you, at first. Delegate to competent underlings, and don't be afraid to ask for suggestions: tell the key ones that you would appreciate their help, during your settling in time. Put on "prop," or minimal magnification (pharmacy) glasses, black, or gold framed, before others come in your office, (if possible) to make you look more intelligent. Consider wearing your hair up in a bun, etc., and dyeing it a shade or two darker, and wear conservative business clothes, as the persona you wish to represent you, for now.

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