New Driver looking between 06+ VW GTI or Scion tC!?

Hey guys! I have been driving for close to 5 months now under my permit and I have recently gotten my license. The two cars that I have done research on that I like the most hands down are the GTI and the tC. I have heard that the GTI is soo much fun to drive and is great for performance and handling. The tC im not as familiar about...I still hear it is a great reliable car that is more of a clear canvas to customize. The most I can probably spend on a car would be 20k-22k and used would be a better option and would convince my parents easier.

So please I would love to here people from both ends and experince with these cars...Thanks!!

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    1 decade ago
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    can't go wrong with a v dub

  • 1 decade ago

    TheGti is less common so if you like unique i would go with the VW. the Tc is common but also it has less power than the Gti. So assuming you are talking about the Gti in the "fast" commercials i would say yes now ive always heard of VW as having warranty and weird electrical problems so be ready to pay for some repairs on the Tc maybe not as soon as the VW.

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    1 decade ago

    as a recent vw driver i can tell you that you will spend lots and lots on basic maintenance, repairs, and twice as much for parts than any other car in its class. vw service is terrible and things start breaking pretty regularly after about 60k miles. i traded my 2000 jetta for a scion tc and the only things i miss about my vw are the heated leather seats. the scion tc has a stronger more reliable engine and still gets better gas mileage than my jetta did, not to mention that it has much less body roll on turns. however, things may be different for the gti considering its one of the few vw's that are actually being built in germany. if you want to go with vw, stay away from the mexican built models and find a good private mechanic.

  • 5 years ago

    Get the Scion not only because the VW is the worst car you can buy that I know of but the Scion is made by Toyota because they know that younger people think Toyota is an Old peoples car so they made Scion.But anyways Yeah go with the Scion they are really reliable.

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    1 decade ago

    hands down Tc toyota made=cheeper parts and more relible, but i would check out the acura rsx type s first, the honda made 200 hp k20 non-turbo motor is the perfect platfor for mods. Its also got the 6 speed,

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