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how do i start loving myself?

cause i have low-self esteem cause of a guy...i know its not worth but..i dont know i feel sad..i just want to be what i was before

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    So far your steps are in the right direction. You realized that you need to love yourself, and you admit that having low self esteem over a guy is not worth it. Take a deep breath, look yourself in the mirror and say I LOVE ME!! I am the best me I can be! I am # 1!! And don't only say it BELIEVE IT!!! Know that you are beautiful and wonderful!!

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    I'm with ya on the low self esteem. What is helping me is fixing up and just hanging out with single girlfriends and hit the town. Go flirt, be'll find something...and even if you don't want some random guy. It'll help you feel better bout urself.

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    Do things you enjoy a lot like hobbies, going out with your friends.

    Do something new. Take a class, learn something new, read a book or see a movie that you wouldn't normally do.

    Have fun.

    Don't listen to anyone who puts you down. Believe you deserve better treatment than that.

    Make new friends.

    It's Thanksgiving time. Find something special to do during the holiday like go to a homeless shelter to donate food or clothing or volunteer somewhere to serve Thanksgiving dinner!

    Relax. Know you're just fine and will do fine.

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    Well of course finding a new guy will boost your moral, but to love yourself you need to just be happy. Start by looking around you and thinking about how happy and thankful you are for the things around you, like your family, friends, pets, flowers, whatever. And think about being the best you that YOU can be! Just tell yourself that you're gonna be happy today and stick to it!!!

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    start with other people. when you look at someone and think something bad about them, quickly think of something good about them. look at a nerd and say," wow! they are so smart!" in time you will not always think badly about people. if you think good about others, you wont be sad!! your self esteem will grow greatly! beleive me, i have a friend that had vary low self esteem.

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    talk to some one about it. make some positive changes in your life. make tea. read more. go out more. learn to knit. do the things you used to do before you started dating. write down what you miss about yourself and really think about how to get back to that. enjoy yourself.

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    Have a girls night out. Show yourself that you don't need this guy to have fun.... Gossiping with the girls is a lot more fun.:)

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    just pray and believe in the lord Jesus Christ!! here my email address if u want to get to know a great guy!!

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