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Do you think it's stupid that.....?

Schools suspend people for wearing "Purity Rings"..

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    yes I do! And I think that its real pathetic that this country was founded by a christian, and its our culture and roots in so many ways, and they are taking it out of our schools! What will they try to do next? Take away our Churches?

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    No jewelry... no hugging... no shirt that says this or that... pretty soon people are just going to be going to school naked. I think purity rings are silly, because I don't think they help a bit, but I will defend the right of someone to wear them!

  • its not the purity ring its the jewelry and if the school had a no jewelry rule then no i wasn't stupid

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    The specific school you are referring to had a no jewelry policy. The girl was suspended because she broke the rules.

    Also, the school was in Britain and wasn't state run.

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