what can you tell me about mice?

How often do they produce?How many baby mice can one female have at a time? How hard are they to get rid of?Are they really blind?

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    Mice are classified as Rodents. Domesticated mice average 12 per litter and up to 17. Get pregnant again immediately after giving birth. Members of the same family will warm and tend each others pups but will not tolerate any outsiders. Pinkies-named so at birth are completely helpless and blind. In about 5 days, the coloring of hair appears. At 2 weeks, fully furred, eyes open. 3 weeks old are called Hoppers because they jump around everywhere and move fast, eat independent of the Mother and are weaned. At 6 weeks, are ready to reproduce.

    Wild Mice are easier to get rid of if pet food is contained securely with a lid. Keep about 3-4" of water in a bucket available outside, near the area where you are seeing mice. The mice will jump in the bucket and drown. In the garage and house. A teeny dab of peanut butter on a mouse trap is enough to trap them 100% of the time.

    Source(s): Background in Biology, breed and sell mice in a pet shop.
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    A female gives birth 3 weeks after mating. 3 weeks later, the babies are out of the nest and taking care of themselves. 3 weeks later she can have another litter, if she mates. So, theoretically, she could have a litter every 6 weeks. In practice, it's probably a little longer.

    Mice have an average of 8 babies per litter.

    They reproduce to the point that they are eating all the available food and water, unless something prevents this.

    As you see, they are very prolific.

    How hard are to get rid of?

    If you block all the entrances to your house that they could use, then you could kill all the mice left inside (not too terribly hard, especially if you keep the food away from them). But if more can get in, they will always do so, and if there are good conditions outside, new mice will always be available.

    Another way to keep mice out of your house is to keep a cat or ferret in the house. Soon the mice will know better than to come in.

    It's harder to eliminate mice outdoors. Where I live, the yard is full of tiny harvest mice, but they don't come in the house and don't seem to do any damage. House mice will live in the yard too, and they will come in the house if they can.

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    it would be easier to look this up on wiki. however, female mice can reproduce as often as once a month (gestation is ~20days and then they have that postpartum estrus or something like that, so they can mate right after they've given birth). a mouse has 10 nipples. and i've seen a mom nurse a litter of 17 pups. they are not blind. FYI, mice are thigmotactic.

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