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JB trouble !?

I heard rumors that the Jonas Brothers

are having a show called J.O.N.A.S .

Is it true ?

- thanx ! Jb Fan !

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    yes they are itThe Jonas Brothers seem to be your typical teen rock band hoping to make it to the big time. They travel the country in their rickety tour bus, performing shows, selling homemade CDs and meeting fans. What a life! What the fans don't know is that the Jonas Brothers are actually J.O.N.A.S. - Junior Operatives Networking as Spies - who, along with their secret agent dad, are under assignment from a super-secret government agency out to thwart evil -- usually in the guise of Dr. Harvey Fleischman, a diabolical dentist out to take over the world's young adults. However, thwarting evil and saving the world can be difficult when you're also going to high school, keeping their secret identity from Mom, and being stalked by Stella Malone, a teenage reporter working undercover who's trying to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on your up-and-coming bands comeing out in january on the disney channel.

    Frankies in this one

    They are also comeing out with a show called Camp rock premiring on disney channel January 11,2008 its about...

    "Camp Rock," centers on a teen girl who desperately wants to spend her summer at a prestigious rock camp, but can only attend if she works in the kitchen as one of the cooks. When she's overheard singing - but not seen -- by a teen pop star at the camp, he is completely taken and sets out to find the girl behind the beautiful voice. But first she must confront her fears, step out of the kitchen and into the spotlight. Written by fmmini

    Camp Rock is a musical that mostly focuses on a teen girl Mitchie (Demi Lovato) who desperately wants to spend her summer at a rock camp, but can only attend if she works in the kitchen as one of the cooks. When she's overheard singing by teen pop star Shane Gray (Joe Jonas) at the camp, he has fallen head over heals and sets out to find the girl with the beautiful voice.

    Source(s): i got all this info from idk and the plot summary from www.imdb.com
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    Yes there is a new shoe coming out called J.O.N.A.S. starring the Jonas Brothers!!! They have already begun filming it! I can't wait! Also, they are going to star in a movie called Camp ROCK. It's going to be great....also check out this site: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1044418/plotsummary and for the movie- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1055366/plotsummary GO JONAS BROTHERS!!!

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    YES!!! its coming out in 2008!!

    I can't wait!!

    I <3 them!!

    they are also going to be in a disney channel movie called "Camp Rock"

    google both and u should be able to find info.

    maybe youtube too. there are some picture videos fans made.


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    yeah its true!!! they are making j.o.n.a.s and a movie called camp rock. they are both coming out early next year

    Source(s): interviews
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  • Yess!!!! They are true, It's coming out in 2008 on Disney channel, CANT WAIT!

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    yes but on the radio show they said the show might not happen because of the writers strick thing so idk if they are still going to have it! but camp rock is still a go they already filmed it in canda

    i just met them they are so sweet!

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    yes heard it many times

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    yeah they are.. but i though it was going to be a show on disney channel.. its a movie?? really..? didn't know lol

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    mhm..... so xcited lol i was just goin to look somethin up about that lol

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