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To Kill a Mockingbird?

I have a 3 page essay on To Kill a Mockingbird due tomorrow.

Lemme show you the exact wording of the assignment.

Students will write a three page (600 - 750 words), typed, double-spaced essay reflecting the theme of how Southern life has changed from the time period depicted in the book. The changes discussed may be positive or negative and may relate to such aspects as natural surroundings, social interactions, childhood experiences, or political realities.

Any ideas? We read that book soooo long ago, so Idk why she's making us do this now. Ugh!


I finished it.

Thanks for the help.

It's actually pretty good.

3 pages, 700 words.

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    sparknotes .... it's been a few years since I read that book.

    but generally think of southern life now. it is not as secluded and boring as it was back then. people don't routinely go to tea and gossip about the whole town. It has become more modern.

    There is more entertainment around ...

    I don't remember what the family's name is , the one where u think the guy is dead but in the end he is alive.

    If it was now they too would be able to have a normal life, they would not be harrassed and excluded from the world as they had been.

    Racism is so much less, the law doesn't just kill people with no evidence.

    Think seclusion, discrimination and ignorance for your themes, then come up with two quotes for each and do some research about southern states on google and find some newspaper aticlles or websites about it.

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    Its a good book. Well worth readin again. But since you waited so long to get ready for this......i guess youre screwed.

    Look on line for story and character information to refresh yr memory.....maybe the teacher wants to test how much you remember from reading it....or rent the movie.

    Source(s): one of my favorite books.
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    Racism, how juries are picked (stacked), barter system between Atticus and the poor guy who pays him in food intead of money, school system, and class system. Make sure you talk about Boo Radley and how his parents handled him and how Atticus interacts w/Jem and Scout.

    Source(s): me=BA in English
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