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I'm 14 and I'm never tired and I think it's part of the reason my school work suffers?

so here's the story

I lay down in my bed at exactly 10 pm every night with the lights off, everything off and try to go to sleep..EVERY night! I do this because I heard that establishing a specific time tells your body it's time to call it a day. it doesnt work for me though. I end up just laying there until about 1-2 am then i fall asleep. then my alarm clock is set around 6:30 every morning. but once im into my deep slumber I find it hard to get up. so to prevent myself from turning my alarm clock off in my sleep i put my alarm clock across the room so i have to get up to shut it off. the problem is I get up and press the snooze alarm and end up getting up at 7:15 and rushing to get out the door. I have tried everything besides sleep medication! NOTHING works! right now its 9:30pm when most kids would start to feel tried or exausted...I feel like its 1 pm and I can keep going for anothing 12 hours...wht can i do to sleep? my grades are suffering becuase im falling asleep


ive also tried a little noise while i sleep the radio really quietly so i can just hear it..or the t.v. and nothing works

Update 2:

belive it or not I have a cupboard full of different tea's ive tried lol. most of them calm my senses but none of them actually make me tired..

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    I'm 18 and I've had the same problem since I was in 2nd grade. Seriously. My body clock is completely berserk. I used to be late every single day when I was in high school and the first two years of my college when my schedule was mostly in the morning. But now I've found a compromise that works for me and my schoolwork which is: take evening classes haha!

    Anyway. This didn't work for me because I'm not a very physical person but maybe this method will work for you: Use up all those frustrated energy! After you do your homework, go for a walk or a jog. Go biking. Play ball or something. Do the dishes or whatever physical activity you can get your hands on. Once you use up all your energy, you won't be able to resist your bed! :D

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    Oh man I totally feel for you. I was the same way trying to get up on time becuase I could never fall asleep & by the time I fell into a deep sleep the damn alarm would go off.

    I think school starts wayyy too early!!! But there is nothing we can about that.

    What I think might help for you is Camamille (sp) tea. You can buy it at the drug store or grocery store. It is a natural tea that calms & relaxes your body. Try it to see of it helps, but do not put sugar in it because sugar will keep you up. Just boiled water & the tea bag.

    Good Luck. I really know what you're going through. Hope you get some good zzzzzzzzz's

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    I swear you could be my twin, this is what happens to me every night.

    Usually what I do is try to relive my Humanities teacher's lecture of the day, and that usually puts me to sleep.

    But, I doubt this method would work for you.

    Drink warm milk, with a bit of honey in it. It tastes pretty good, and that always put me to sleep. Also, when my sister was younger she drank this formula called's supposed to be for 10& under, but I always drank it anyway and went straight to bed. I once fell asleep on my way up the stairs!

    Have you tried reading boring books? Maybe you're still thinking and your mind won't shutup. That happens to me sometimes. Try running around school saying to hi to every single person you know, or try to use as much energy as possible.

    I hope this helps!

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    I thought I posted this b4...

    You could do intense exercise before going to bed, that way you get tired and feel like going to sleep badly. Works for me!

    Or, if you haven't already, you could join a sports team in your school, so that after practice or a game you will be very tired.

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    force yourself to get up earlier in the morning. then you'll be more tired at night?

    how about more exercise? or a better run down time before bed. you say yo write this at 9.30 and go to bed at 10. well being on the computer before sleep is bad cos it shines light in your eyes. maybe get off the computer earlier and do quiet things from 9-10.30 and then sleep

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    Just do whatever you're doing now and try to read a boring book in bed. That always work for me. If not, just "daydream" about things. Like being the president or your future the way that you want it to be. Good Luck.

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    Keep doing what you're doing, only stay up once you get up to turn your alarm off. You anatamophysiology will eventually become regulated, and you will no longer have a problem or want to go back to sleep once your up.


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