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Cyst...could I still be pregnant?

My husband and I have been TTC #1 for the past 6 months. I just found out that I have a large cyst on my left ovary (5.5 cm). I had an abnormal period Oct 31 which is what made me even go to the doctor for a check-up. She says that I may still be pregnant despite the pregnancy tests being negative. She didn't do a blood test however, only the urine tests. Is it possible that I could still be pregnant? Or is my doctor just giving me false hope? Also, if I am, will this cyst be a problem? could it be the reason why the tests are showing negative? I've never had cysts before, so this really worries me. I appreciate any help.

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    you can be pregnant with cysts, they are only a problem if they erupt, and that is rare. if you are not pregnant you can have them removed, if you are pregnant you should be okay.

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    I can't help you with your questions about your cyst. But if your doctor thinks you might still be pregnant after having a negative pregnancy test they should be doing more test to find out for sure. If this doctor does not after saying you might still be pregnant I would find a new doctor.

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    when my wife had a cyst on her ovary the doc told her that she could still get pregnant.

    ask your doctor all of the things that you want to know. schedual an appointment for one half hour long session and sit with him/her to get the answers you want. you pay there salary and if they won't give you answers then you need to find someone new.

    Last, look at what you believe. Is there a God or a supreme being of some sort? I say yes but you need to know for yourself. then, you need to get down with your husband and ask God for help TTC. I promise you that there are many who are out there willing to stop what they're doing to come to your house and help you understand what God's role is in your family.

    Best of luck and may God bless you with children very soon.

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    I'm 20 weeks pregnancy and have several cysts on my ovary since the beginning of my pregnancy. There is nothing they can do about it right now, and they aren't causing me any problems. HCG is not blocked by cysts, so your test would be positive no matter what, unless you were way early.

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