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math problem; please help:[?

Ashley walk 3/4 miles east, 1 mile south, then 1/2 mile west, then 1/4 north, and finally 3/4 miles east. How many miles is she in direct line from her starting point?

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    In coordinate, east = +x , west = -x, north = +y, south = -y

    If she walks from origin (0,0), her new coordinate is

    (3/4 - 1/2 + 3/4, -1 + 1/4 )


    Using pythagoras

    h^2 = 1^2 + (-3/4)^2

    h^2 = 25/16

    h = 5/4 = 1.25 miles

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    That could be a trick question. Youdo not specify if it is a direct line north/south or east/west or just in a place where a direct line can be created.

    East/West would be 3/4 of a mile

    North/South would be none

    And direct line in any direction would be approx. 5 miles

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    total = 1mi east, 3/4mi south

    This is a 3-4-5 triangle (4/4 east, 3/4 south), so she is 5/4 miles from starting point

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    easy.. just draw this on a piece of paper and using the same exact directions you have used.. you will end up having horizontal and verical lines... then you will need to connect the lines to gether and you will have some number of triangles... each vertical and horizontal line will have a value.. the diagonal value is the one you need... to find this use the pythagorus theorm.. diagonal (squared)= vertical (squared)+ horizontal (squared... then finally add up all the values you have .. simple

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    The square root of 1.125 miles....sorry my calc doesnt have a square root button

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    hmm .....say that again?

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    please do your own hw!

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