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emotionally abused or delusional?

I believe I may be being emotionally abused by my father. My dad calls me a ***** a asshole and other derogatory names, he has told me that I am insane and that I need psychiatric help, and he has told me that he hates me. I look to someone else as a father figure but I am curious if I am being abused or if I am just delusional. What do you think?


In addition I am sixteen and am isolated by my dad from people.

Update 2:

Now that my dad has told me I am psychotic and am mentally retarded I am beginning to believe what he has told me and now I feel extremely lowly of myself and crazy.

Update 3:

He has been doing this for a long time, ever since I was little. He doesn't listen to anything I say and even if I think I have gotten through to him and that he will stop he just does it again.

Update 4:

If you want to know what I am like this is it. I am quiet and kept to myself. I do not push my dad's buttons, and don't enjoy doing so. I have alot of anger and mixed emotions regarding alot of things, but I do not throw them at my dad or anyone else, I wait until I am alone to let them out. Whether it is anger or not. If I was doing something to make my dad mad I would understand why he is the way he is and wouldn't bother coming online to people and asking them such a question.

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    Is this father figure you speak of aware of the abuse (and , yes, it is abuse) that you are suffering? Is there any way that he can step in on your behalf? Perhaps if your father was faced with the possibility of losing you to a foster home, he would be able to change by going to some kind of counseling. If this man can't help you, I would go to your school counselor and tell him what is going on at home. You are not delusional at all. But you need to get this stopped as soon as possible or you could end up having these problems you are having with self esteem for a long time.

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    Name calling is inappropriate especially from a parent, but I can also tell you that children love to push their parents buttons and you can push someone over the edge if you keep pushing. Parents are people to with feelings and have the same needs as children. There is always two sides to the story. What is you behaviour like? Are you easy to be around or do you like to get him going? There is no excuse for cruelty from either side.


    It sounds like abuse, does he have problems of some kind substance abuse or was he abused? I would be letting whatever other family you have aware of what is going on and getting some kind of intervention or support. Let a trusted adult know whats going on. Maybe this is the way he was raised and thinks it's normal. Please don't let his problems affect you. It's good that you asked the question and not bottled it up. Why is he isolating you - that in it's self is a form of abuse via control issues. Take care.

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    Yeah, that would be emotion abuse.

    From the looks of it, he's the one that needs the help (but don't tell him that, I'm sure it might set him off by how he sounds).

    In whatever way you can, ignore it an make sure to keep in mind that, if you're aware of it or not, you're completely cognizant and at yourself.

    You sound like you're at yourself from what you say, though it's little to go on to make any real judgement on the situation.

    Just take it easy and wait until you're 18 - if it's bad enough, talk to somebody that you KNOW can do something about it. If you can't get a hold of anybody, just make sure you have somebody to talk to (even if it's only online) or write down everything in some place that he can't get a hold of - if you're worried about it.

    But no, you're not delusional. You're just in a position where somebody's trying to make you think you are. It's a bit of a control issue from what you say. He means to control you by making you feel like crap.

    If you know how, block him out (but, if he's that bad about it, don't make it obvious) and keep in mind that you'll be out of the house soon enough, even if it isn't soon enough for you right now.

    Just don't dwell on what he says, at any rate. Even if his opinion of you is important, tell yourself it isn't. Maybe you'll convince yourself of it and can blow off the insults. Easier said than done but, when you find out how, it really, really works.

    (You aren't alone, there...)

    Good luck...sounds like you need it.

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    with the constant degrading remarks and the intentional isolation i would say yes your being abused i would get help as soon as you can, keep in mind this might lead to a foster home for you but its better then being abused. it never stops with just the verbal, if their is a mom in the picture i would try and talk with her if their is not maybe a school councilor can help.

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    You are being abused and your father sounds as though he is the one who needs psychiatric treatment. It is not normal to treat your child like he does. Even if you were annoying and troublesome it would not be normal.

    Please, realize that your father has something wrong with him (probably a personality disorder) and his behaviour is about him not you.

    Don't let him destroy your self-esteem. The following links might be useful:

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    You are infact being emotionally abused. No one should treat you like that. The only way to stop it is to stay away and tell him.

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    That is definitely abuse

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