Do you need the rights for an audio clip from a movie, if u want to use it in a song?

i want to put this scene from taxi driver in one of my songs, and i just need to know if i need to get permission first


its about 20 seconds long

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    The short answer is yes. Now if you are using the song for academic reasons, then you should still get permission, but they normally won't charge you for the use. Or charge as much any way.

    The movie has a copyright. If you take without asking, you are stealing.

    Source(s): KS attorney
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    4 years ago

    What you desire to do is termed sampling and you like permission. From the region hyperlink decrease than... "Sampling" is the prepare of digitally copying or moving snippets or parts of a preexisting (copyrighted) checklist to make a sparkling composition. An artist will take somewhat a pre-latest recording and use that piece (i.e., "pattern") to create a sparkling recording. Sampling exists in general in rap, hip-hop, highway, or dance records. a chief occasion of a effectively sampled music is the extensive MC Hammer hit single, "U Can’t touch This," which replaced right into a pattern of Rick James’ earlier hit, "great Freak." subsequently, samples are in certainty "by-product works" of a prior copyrighted music. the final to coach by-product works based on the copyrighted paintings is between the 5 equipment of rights of the copyright proprietor - the music author(s) or writer(s). As such, the copyright proprietor would desire to grant permission (a mechanical license) till now the copyrighted music(s) could be used. right here's a hyperlink

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    You can use a "short" clip under fair use doctrine. If you use a 'subsantial' part, you need permission.

    Try googling "music sampling copyright" for more details.


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