I have to do a 1000 word essay where I have to compare and contrast,Review and analyze two movies...?

Im stuck on thinking of two movies and How to start my essay....I need some help please Thank you....

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    I would start by thinking of two movies that are related in some way: for example, have similar stories or similar themes (e.g. first love, growing up, war, mystery, biography of a similar kind of person, like a musician, artist or politician.) You'll want ones that you liked, not hated. Probably best are movies that you can watch on video, so you can see them more than once and take notes.

    Watch straight through, so you can follow the stories well. After watching each one, make notes on things about the movies that were striking. You might want to think about how the main characters' inner personalities were suggested, or how they changed because of what happened in the movie. Also think about how the movie told the story: was everything spelled out and obvious, or were there places where the audience had to draw its own conclusion? Think about the way the movie looked: is the color bright, subdued, changing? Was the light dramatic, or very even? Was the editing very fast and a little confusing, or slow and straightforward? Was there music, and what effect did it have. Once you have made these notes on both the movies, look them over and see if you notice anything interesting. Since they are asking you to compare and contrast, think about ways in which the movies were similar, and ways in which they seemed to be different.

    At this point, you may have found your own thesis for your paper: that is, the movies are similar in these ways, and different in these ways, and how their effects are different. If so, write down some of the ideas that seem most important for your thesis.

    Now, you go through the movies again, taking notes when you see details that seem to be important to your thesis.

    Finally, you take all the notes that you have made, and those will be the basic ideas for your paper. You will not use all the ideas that are in your notes! Just the ones that you think connect together best and make your case.

    You write an outline of the paper: maybe it will be: introduce both and why you compare these two, your idea about how they are ultimately similar or different, then paragraphs on each of the things you noticed. Then a conclusion, summing up how the things you noticed suggest the different styles, or effects, of the two movies.

    For example, if you say that the main characters from each movie approached a similar situation in different ways, you break down their similar experiences and for each, you show the different way they responded. Or you may want to show how the director showed their inner experience in different ways in each movie: one through explaining everything and one through suggesting things through color and lighting, editing, etc.

    With only 1000 words, you will want to start pretty quickly, so that you have enough space to make your case. Once you have the two, you can say something like "Director A and Director B both examined themes of --- in their films Title A and Title B. While both began with a main character who was ---, each director used very different means to tell their stories. While Title A all took place within two frenetic days, Title B used a very deliberate pace and lots of detail to tell a story not only of one character, but of an entire period of history." (just as an example.) then boom, the next paragraph is an introduction to Title A and its approach. After that, title B. Then additional observations that support your idea. Then sum it up and see if you have a larger conclusion.

    The nice part is that, by taking notes and looking carefully at the films, you will see many subtleties that you won't have seen the first time through. That's why people compare and contrast: to see more by comparing two different approaches. Also, it's an easier way to find the words to describe what you noticed, by comparing it to another approach.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): My own experiences in high school and college. I do a lot of writing now as part of my job, too.
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    Pick a couple movies you really like, or pick one movie you really like and one you really hate. This way you can easily compare why you think one is better, etc. It also might make it easier if in some way you picked opposing genre's, such as comedy versus drama.

    A suggestion to start would be to simply name the two movies you are comparing, (This is A versus B) then summarize them each in only one or two sentences, (A is a story about...)(B is a story about...) and then get into all the more subjective messy work from there.

    As an alternative, you can start by reviewing and analyzing movie A by itself, review and analyze movie B by itself, then finish the essay by comparing and contrasting the two.

    Good luck.

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    First off, what topic interests you? If you can find some movies that relate to that topic, it will at least make it more interesting to you, and so much more easier to write.

    For example if you are interested in the sexuality and personal characteristic differences between women and men you can find some that display such things. One class I took, mythology, covered stories such as the Holy Grail ( such as The King Fisher, with Robin Williams), and broke down the meaning behind the myths. Its been a couple of years, so I dont recall the particulars... but you get the idea.. We also watched Thelma and Louise for that class.

    Once you get an idea, do some web research and you can easily find a movie that relates somehow to your interest. Or, ask your instructor if she/he has any suggestions.

    If you are still stuck... think of anything that comes to mind, or a movie that really touched you. Lets take... A Walk To Remember. A movie about a lovely girl that dies of leukemia. Just find another movie that deals with a tragic loss of life, and how they depict it on film, the emotions, etc. Go for whatever caught your interest.

    Love, hate, dreams, life, family, career, fantasy, etc. You can easily write about any of those with the right selection of movies.

    Good luck!

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    1000 words isn't very long, it wouldn't take a long time to write it. Think 3 1/2 pages double spaced, it is an hour of work or so. What is the topic? I recommend doing the essay yourself, and then you can post it here for people to look at and help you with. You aren't going to find someone to write you a 1000 word essay on a topic you haven't defined, or even one you have.

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    I have a good one for you, especially if this is a Psychology assignment.

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and The Shawshank Redemption. Two great movies!

    They both deal with the symbolism of the "Institution", and how it breaks people down, strips them of their sould, and conforms them.

    In both movies, the protagonist, is a normal person. But after being wrenched through the institution, they change into something else.

    You'll see if you watch the movies, how much their character changes from beginning to end. They both have antagonists, like the nurse, and the warden, and many colorful characters around them. Hope this helped!

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    What are the movies or

    I think that...

    Source(s): ( I did START you didn't I!)
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